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New Year 2016

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Down in Front

Something done for a trade with Patrick featuring Didi the Nidoran... or NERDORAN... sorry that was horrible. She's seen this same movie like ten times now and still keeps getting all excited for it! Ah, some things never get old do they? Sometimes you just find that thing you can watch so many times and still not get tired of it.

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Father's Day 2013

I drafted Needles' body specifically in the form of a baby rabbit (body type compact), or a cartoon one anyway. Also, what makes the Poke Island Pokemon fun to draw is that, regardless of their civilized behavior, they still have the mannerisms of animals (or animal based monsters, rather). It's much different than the AU Pokemon, who are straddling the fence of being human (or Lisa's world, where about 99.9% of the "monster" in them is removed).

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