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Aqua Bunny’s 13th Anniversary

Here’s my artwork for Aquabunny’s 13th anniversary event, and to celebrate this anniversary I shall say something out to Aquabunny.

 Thank you for bringing joy to your fans and our favorite Pokémon, you gave the nido evolution line a reason to be loved and a reason to be favorited among others, your artwork and your characters alone are amazing and will always bring a smile to me and your other fans’ faces. Thank you for showing your art and your appreciation to our favorite evolution line.

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New Year 2016

Man that's a lot of tags

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The Amazing World of Eevee

Having been on a Gumball binge, I grew really fond of it’s cute-as-a-button intro sequence, so I figured I should draw everyone’s favorite Nido mama and her two “sons” referencing this part.

I’d totally watch this show.

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Poke Tales and Poke Legends Nidos

A group pic of all the Nido characters of Poke Tales and Poke Legends by the end of the series. Everyone's in cute mode, as well. I could've arranged it better in retrospect, but here we are. Also, this doesn't include Poke Island Nidos. Maybe one day I'll do a group picture of all the major Nidos of the trilogy, but hey, I'm 2/3s there.

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The Biological Children of Nidorino's Family

Left - Needles. The gift child that Nidorina begged for. His existence is a giant step up in character development for the parents, Nidorina matures and Nidorino loosens up. He is chubby, but super cute. Middle - Diana. The planned second child. She's very sweet and hardly fusses. Also super cute. Right - Nina. The sickly "oops" child. Sometimes, things just happen. Quite a sad story involving this one. Also super cute.

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"Nidorino's just been so... distant, lately. He's working later, is always on edge around me, and he just seems to get upset whenever I want to do anything with him. I don't understand. Could it be that he still resents me? Is it the stress of having a family? It couldn't be possible that he might even be... seeing another? It breaks my heart to see him this way. Oh... I wish you'd tell me. I'd do anything for you, please, just tell me."

The Poke Island series was a pretty heavy series compared to my usual belief in the nonsense of cartoons and rejection of seriousness. Marriages on TV can be one note, whether they are always great or bitter. I wanted to make this one as real as possible, and real marriages have problems. It's all a part of the series emphasis on character development. I couldn't find this family as endearing as I do if they were plastic.

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Well, YOU Wanted It

Be careful what you wish for.

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Poke Forest Karaoke

The denizens of the Poke Forest are a close bunch. They all know Nidorina can't sing, but they all encourage her anyway. Such a wonderful group of friends! Well, her kids just want to die, but you know how it is. As long as you're having a good time. The song I was thinking of when drawing this was Addictive Love by Bebe and Cece Winans (it's an old early 90's song), despite neither character sounding like them. I also like drawing exaggerated pics, but you knew this.

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Slightly Older Dot and Needles

It's wrong to let children be bad.

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Poke Tales/Legends Nido Role Call

Doodled just because. Not including Poke Island itself, it had an entirely different Nido cast than the latter two parts of the series. These are all he important Nido cast members (they may not all be major characters, but they aren't background). When you stop to think of it, outside of Poke Island, Nido Pokemon have been the foundation of everything I start that's Pokemon related. With such high regard, it's no surprise I would build unnecessary sites like this one, but someone had to do it.

The imagery MIGHT make more sense than it did when I first uploaded this, with the advent of more character info through time. But like last time, you could probably guess what each character is like just by what you see, and you'd probably be spot on (although the children are a bit hard).

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