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Clean Town

This is perfectly in line with a Poke Tales short. I'm also quite proud of Nidorina's matronly anime look. She looks huggably adorable, if not a little too wide canonically.

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Laser Tag 1

Nidorino, you evil, beautiful man, you. It's been said over and over that Nidorino is really attractive (the most attractive of the Nidorino characters skewing effeminate rather than burly), which aids in Nidorina's obsessive attraction to him. However, leading her on like this, knowing she'll bite and then walking her right into a laser-light slaughter? That's cold. Cold like a laser.

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Laser Tag 2

What works for the gander might not necessarily work for the goose. Nidorina's also very attractive, even if it took her a long time to see that in herself, but Nidorino's usually unfazed by Nidorina's advances. Plus, he just pulled this stunt moments ago, Nidorina. What made you think this would work?

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Forest Catch


-- Joy LaVee

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Strawberry Choco Idol

It's the battle of the bands. The competition is fierce and the talent is top notch. Who will come out on top and be the idol group to end all idol groups throughout the farthest reaches of the galaxy? Today, Vulpix, Chikorita and Charlotte's band Strawberry Milk Fantastic, an impressive group of young girls from Popstar, will square off against Joy, Chicolita and Clefairy's band Choco Gummi Yummy, one of the leading bands among young talent from the Pacific seas.

Everyone knows it's not enough to have musical and vocal chops, but you have to know how to put on a show. That bubblegum cute appeal draws crowds, but you better know how to work it. Maybe that's why Vulpix and Joy, the youngest of both groups, are the face of their bands. Both have the benefit of being adorable and fluffy, why do you think kittens are so popular? Vulpix has always dreamed of being an entertainer, but I wonder what Joy is getting out of this...

This was essentially inspired by this image, because it really reminded me of the kind of expression Joy would/has have/had. Likely because of her annoying sisters.

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Gaudy Goofs

These other girls, though... well, lets just say they'd rather stand out.

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We Love You, Mama

"The love that you've given to everyone, to the world we live in, shall not go unnoticed. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Happy Mother's Day."

Even fictional characters deserve appreciation, too.

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New Year 2017 - New Year's Resolutions

Will any of them follow through? I'm sure Pikachu, Lisa and Sentret will, and Tuff is just looney enough to go through with hers, too.

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I forgot what this one did. All Rosie knows is that she can show off with it.

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The Amazing Eevee Sisters 2018

A recreation of an oldie but goodie from 2006. And after all those years, the girls haven't aged a bit! The original image exists on Creative Worlds, but that site is practically defunct, and seeing that "All Stars" art is allowed on Aqua Bunny, well... it's a nice change of pace from seeing Nidos all the time, isn't it?

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