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Not the Eevee, Joy. Nidorina's children likely fill her heart with so much happiness when all's said and done. Nina's especially precious to her, too.

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Poke Tales and Poke Legends Nidos

A group pic of all the Nido characters of Poke Tales and Poke Legends by the end of the series. Everyone's in cute mode, as well. I could've arranged it better in retrospect, but here we are. Also, this doesn't include Poke Island Nidos. Maybe one day I'll do a group picture of all the major Nidos of the trilogy, but hey, I'm 2/3s there.

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The Biological Children of Nidorino's Family

Left - Needles. The gift child that Nidorina begged for. His existence is a giant step up in character development for the parents, Nidorina matures and Nidorino loosens up. He is chubby, but super cute. Middle - Diana. The planned second child. She's very sweet and hardly fusses. Also super cute. Right - Nina. The sickly "oops" child. Sometimes, things just happen. Quite a sad story involving this one. Also super cute.

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Poke Tales/Legends Nido Role Call

Doodled just because. Not including Poke Island itself, it had an entirely different Nido cast than the latter two parts of the series. These are all he important Nido cast members (they may not all be major characters, but they aren't background). When you stop to think of it, outside of Poke Island, Nido Pokemon have been the foundation of everything I start that's Pokemon related. With such high regard, it's no surprise I would build unnecessary sites like this one, but someone had to do it.

The imagery MIGHT make more sense than it did when I first uploaded this, with the advent of more character info through time. But like last time, you could probably guess what each character is like just by what you see, and you'd probably be spot on (although the children are a bit hard).

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My (Extended) Family

Nidorino's full family, regardless of extension, by the end of Poke Legends. Pictured is (clockwise from the top): Needles, Nidorino, Totodile, Chicolita, Diana, Eevee, Nina, and Nidorina. Nidorina would love more kids, but Nidorino refuses until the youngest is at least five, and they have gone up a peg in social economic status. It's a family of love, though, which is probably the whole underlying theme of Nidorino and Nidorina's segments in Poke Tales and Legends; Love and family.

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Mothers Day 2016: A Growing Family

As opposed to the usual Halmarky Mother’s Day fan art, I decided to go with an abridged story of how Nidorino and Nidorina’s family grew from the beginning of Poke Tales to the end of Poke Legends. It’s sort of spoilery, but at this time, it no longer matters. It also glosses over a lot of information, such as where Eevee came from and why he went into hiding, or why Nidorina instantly bonded with Totodile, but it does the job. If nothing else, the story of Nina, the final child, is accurate.

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Easter 2015 - Dressed for the Occasion

I remember the days when our mom would have us dress up for Easter. Not my favorite part of the day, or the church service that felt like it dragged for ages, but I'll tell ya I loved the colored hard boiled eggs and candy! I'm still not exactly keen on dress shirts. Or ironing them. And ties, the working man's noose? No thanks. But enough about my editorial on dress clothes (and yes, even if I dislike them I'll still wear them where appropriate, I'm not a slob).

I thought this would be a cute idea, but I got lazy and tired of working on it. This is why group pictures need to be done days in advance, or with no deadline, because I have to take breaks from them. With that in mind, I like 2014's better, but it's nice to see the full extension of Nidorino's family, even if Chicolita and Eevee are only an adopted niece and nephew respectively. Time to go to Fern Garden to show it all off! Also, I like how Needles looks like he's going to mix me a drink, or deal some cards or something.

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New Year 2015

Now this is one I wanted to do. Instead of being loud and flashy, I just wanted to show the simple, at home experience with a very subdued, not-very-celebratory transition into the new year. Just a quiet evening with the TV down real low, and a few kids who get to rub in their elders' faces that they were able to stay up to midnight and that those "old guys" didn't. Of course, it's those same "old guys" that take care of them all the time, why do you think they're so tired?

I also enjoy how the daughters always look like they never know what the heck is going on in the world around them.

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Christmas 2014

I don't know if this is true for all babies, but once my niece has her sights on something, she goes right after it and doesn't stop no matter how many times you move her away or even move/hide the object. That's essentially Diana right here. I can just imagine the moment right before now... "Oh honey, the baby's in the tree" "The baby's in the-?--WHOA!" Meanwhile, Nina's been sleeping underneath it and not a thing was said. Probably because she's finally quiet.

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Christmas 2012 - New Year's 2013

Consolidation at its best. This is for everyone who feels like they just got settled into the Christmas spirit.

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