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A Music Arrangement for Kirby's 30th

Kirby's hit the big 3-0 today, and I totally worked on this song for said anniversary and didn't have this made earlier and wasn't just holding on to it as an excuse or anything. It's a lot different than what I was doing 10 years ago, that's for sure!

Of course, this update isn't related to Nidos, but there's no use pretending I've ever been that big of a general Pokemon person, and I have to upload a copy of the MP3 somewhere. And on that note, the Fan Music section has two songs added to it, including this one and another song I've had on hand for a long while.

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Happy Holidays from 2021!

Hope you have a wonderful, or failing that, decent holiday season this year!

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Now Entering Year 16, and the Complete Monthly Nidoran

Aqua Bunny has entered into year 16. Still here! The illustration for the event says more than I could, though, so I'll let you sit with that.

In other news, Monthly Nidoran is all caught up. If I may rant for a bit, it's really obnoxious having to move content over. The tagging alone for every entry is extra monotonous. That said, I'm glad it's all here. For what it was worth, I enjoyed Monthly Nidoran when I did it, it was really cute.

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A Month's Worth of Monthly Nidoran

If you view a photo a day, that is! Monthly Nidoran has finally made its way over to this version of Aqua Bunny, a collection of monthly photos following Nidoran and her family and friends. It's about half the set, but it's enough to get anyone new started!

Soon-ish, I'd like to finally get updated articles on the site, too, but I'll have to do that outside of a busy work season. One of these days, I tell ya...

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Father's Day and the Missing Artwork

Well, I admit I expected to be done with the comic pages sooner than I am, but that's how it goes, I suppose. Continuing where Mother's Day left off, however, I bring holiday fan art in addition to a bunch of artwork I did from 2019 to 2021 (which wasn't much), which I never uploaded due to the site being in transition at the time. That should make the galleries caught up from my end, but there's still some submissions to go through. I can also now just add new series art direct here, which is good should I ever decide I just want to draw and nothing else.

Well, I have deadlines approaching so I gotta get!

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