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Mother's Day and More Photos

As long as I have cartoon Pokemoms, the mother's day streak continues. I wish I had more time than I do, because maybe then this site would be 100% up to speed, but with the time that I DID have, aside from this rare art of Mama and Baby Horsea, I also finished off the Plushies gallery in Photos, as well as added the Cards gallery and bringing that one to present. The Photos sidebar is a bit weird at the moment, but I'll have it fixed.

The next update should be more interesting as it'll head back into comics territory. Until then!

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The New Comics Page, Re-Mixed Nuts, and One Dancing Nut

Everywhere she goes, she's always there.

This is a fairly substantial update, so more info after the break.

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Not One to Deny an Opportunity When They See One, Krispy Kreme Sells Space Donuts

In other news the Perseverance rover lands on Mars today. Working quickly I made this gif, which wasn't as long as I wanted it to be, but I only have as much time as everyone else does to buy a donut. Yay! And yes I bought some myself. Who says marketing doesn't work?

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February's Looking a Lot More Pink This Year

Hope Miltank Kobayashi's your favorite character... :v

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The General 2020 Winter Holiday Post

Had a really busy month this year, so this is coming in a bit late. What's been added?

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