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Some Video Classics for Valentine's Day

No reason to be emo if you keep your Valentine's minimalist!

More after the jump!

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Rainy~The Looming Cloud of Flash Player

It wouldn't be February without the memories of unstable past relationships!

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The Nidorina in Your Dreams

All my life I've been dreamin' of this minute.

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An Occasional Comic for an Occasional Day

Here's how I spent my extra day.

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See how far you can stretch a species in the Mixed and Other Character gallery

A gallery spotlight for a half complete gallery!

(Pictured above: Fwoozles by Khalia)

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Something Old, Something New, Something Pink and Something Blue!

Finally filling out the books section of the site, I've re-instated the old favorite Let's Find Pokemon, and have and all new archival scan of Nidoran's New Friend from the limited Pokemon Junior series. If you haven't read it before and you're also above the age of 15, well, it's not timeless literature. However, what it does well is insert some great anime isos as illustrations of the Nidoran, giving you a bit more than you'll ever find in any guidebook. Also, you get to read some of Pikachu's most sacred thoughts, so there's that. Additionally, credit where it's due, at least they chose to give a book to Nidoran in the first place. My assumption is that it was a story that they felt would be appealing to the young female demographic, compared to a lot of the anime's other offerings, but as I like to say, life was easier for Nidos when you only had to compete with 146 other Pokemon (including Togepi in that number).

Anyway, check out the books section and get that grey matter activated! 

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A Motherload of Motherly Art For Mother's Day

I haven't missed a Mother's Day yet, and 2020 isn't the year to break that combo. Using the holiday comic format seems to be a tradition now, too, considering I started doing it at the end of 2012, so enjoy this new addition to the Holiday gallery.

Speaking of galleries, mother's day and mothers, I am now 90% finished with transferring the galleries from Aqua Bunny 2 to AB3. All's that's left is the Alternate Universe gallery, and then the fan art section of the site will be up to date with where it left off before the migration, if not after, and once galleries are complete I can add art to it that wasn't there before, such as what I'm doing with the Holiday gallery. In the meantime, you can go back and more easily browse the complete Holiday, Mixed/Others and Poke Island Series galleries for the many and starring moms of Aqua Bunny, such as Mrs. Nidorina here.

Have a good one, stay safe, and don't forget to call your mom like I just did! Whoops!

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She's One Dumb Big Sister: Adding more content and topping off others

Some quick announcements that aren't worth belaboring. First of all, the fan art gallery is completely restored, which means I can now add new content to any of the available categories. Alternate Universe was the last of these, so now you can view the fan art of Nini, Didi, Pixie, Sentret, Charlotte and everyone else hassle free.

Secondly, Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister: Production Set 2 has been added to the comics page in its entirety, making both DBS sets available on Aqua Bunny 3. If you haven't checked out the Dumb Big Sister comics, I highly encourage it, as these are probably the most charming stories about family that you'll ever find on the site.

Finally, to round out this three course meal of Nini and the Alternate Universe series, a healthy portion of She's One of a Kind, Kine has finally been added to the comics section as well, but most importantly, exclusive to Aqua Bunny 3 are larger exports of the comic pages, so now you should have no trouble reading them. If you're going to read any AU collection, I would recommend starting here. Or ONLY reading this one. SOOAKK, the DBS comics, and the relatively recent Fan Shorts from the 2010s up are much easier to get into and better realized in humor than the rest, in my opinion.  

I'll continue to restore parts of the site and the SOOAKK comics when I have more time, but for now, please enjoy!

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Some Kind of Father Based Wordplay

Not much to say aside from "Happy father's day". That and I've started adding stuff to the Photo gallery. It's not much and I'm too tired to to really go all in on an upload spree this weekend, but it's better than "coming soon" or whatever it said. :P Have a good one, at any rate!

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Aqua Bunny Returns with Plenty of Fruits of Labor

12/5 Update:

Fixed version of Rhythmic Pop'n 3 Button Demo uploaded and the rar has been replaced on the respective page. I also double checked on other hardware this time, it should be good to go!

12/4 Original Post:

After months of... issues and a little bit of panic, as well as a site that wasn't working entirely the way it should be, I finally have control of Aqua Bunny back, and with the site running on new, overhauled backend software, content that had to be held back can finally be posted. To prove that I wasn't sitting on my butt the whole time this year, there's a lot of work on display here. Let's get into it!

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