Online WarioWare DIY AB Pack via DoujinSoft

You can experience the High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack without having to worry about emulators and emulation tools thanks to the DoujinSoft Store. Full disclosure, I'm not all that familiar with this site beyond being able to find my stuff listed, so there maybe be more to it beyond what's there on the surface (I don't know what "cart" means, for example).

Since you can't search by software (as of right now, anyway), I have made a list of all the links to the games I've made below. As for comics, you'll need to go to the comics tab in the header, then type in "Vendors" in the "Comic Name" search bar.

An Apple A Day...

Artist's Rendition

Bringer of Bad Luck

Bunny Love

Carmela's Mystery Dungeon

Cook, Mama

Crane Crazy

Dress Me Up

Don't Burst My Bubble!


I Choose You, Nidorino!

My Right to Sing

Nido Biology 101

Nido Grooming

Nido Quiz

Poke Ball Block


Rhythmic • Pop'n • Music

Royal Wrestle

Sakura Skies (1st Half)

Sakura Skies (2nd Half)

Smash Gal

Sprocket Says

Stress Relief

Teto•Ran Attack

Tile Gallery