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Aqua Bunny: 14th Year Anniversary

Do I even need to explain this one? Contextually you can put it together based on the 13th Anniversary image. Speaking of which, I thought that was this year. I had it in my head to do something based on "unlucky" 13 but I think this may have been a better illustration in the end.

Since I have to write as if people from the future'll find this site, basically, year 14 started with me rebuilding the site... then things went very wrong about halfway in. Only down to the wire in the last month of 2020 did I resurface without having to do it all over again-again-again-again! I would say that in this month alone I've made up for lost time, but a lot of the content was supposed to be posted much earlier. Hopefully 2021 works out more to my favor with minimal issues, and hopefully none that put me into a tailspin. Year 15 has GOT to be better than the last few have been.

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Love-Love Monster Motif

The main motif for the game that was going to be, then wasn't. This track was specifically composed for promotional purposes, and would not have been used in the game proper.

For more info on Love-Love Monster, or what it was, check it out here.

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A straighter cover of the GB and Original CD Masters version of CHALLENGE GAME before blending the two with a unique outro.

I uploaded this song as a point of reference, being an earlier work than Shimmering Cold Space, I used this cover as a baseline for what to do for the CG portion of the song.

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Shimmering Cold Space

A medley arrangement of various Star Stacker BGM, utilizing some of the galaxy, ice and star tropes from the stages.

Direct download link

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Aqua Bunny Returns with Plenty of Fruits of Labor

12/5 Update:

Fixed version of Rhythmic Pop'n 3 Button Demo uploaded and the rar has been replaced on the respective page. I also double checked on other hardware this time, it should be good to go!

12/4 Original Post:

After months of... issues and a little bit of panic, as well as a site that wasn't working entirely the way it should be, I finally have control of Aqua Bunny back, and with the site running on new, overhauled backend software, content that had to be held back can finally be posted. To prove that I wasn't sitting on my butt the whole time this year, there's a lot of work on display here. Let's get into it!

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Aqua Bunny Turns 15, and Even More Entertainment

Aqua Bunny is now 15 years old. At this point you have to wonder "what in the world does a relic like this still exist for", and this update'll show you just why! More after the break.

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Now Entering Year 16, and the Complete Monthly Nidoran

Aqua Bunny has entered into year 16. Still here! The illustration for the event says more than I could, though, so I'll let you sit with that.

In other news, Monthly Nidoran is all caught up. If I may rant for a bit, it's really obnoxious having to move content over. The tagging alone for every entry is extra monotonous. That said, I'm glad it's all here. For what it was worth, I enjoyed Monthly Nidoran when I did it, it was really cute.

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A Music Arrangement for Kirby's 30th

Kirby's hit the big 3-0 today, and I totally worked on this song for said anniversary and didn't have this made earlier and wasn't just holding on to it as an excuse or anything. It's a lot different than what I was doing 10 years ago, that's for sure!

Of course, this update isn't related to Nidos, but there's no use pretending I've ever been that big of a general Pokemon person, and I have to upload a copy of the MP3 somewhere. And on that note, the Fan Music section has two songs added to it, including this one and another song I've had on hand for a long while.

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