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In Order to Meet You...

It's not that Nidorina doesn't have better things to do than await Nidorino's return (or in this case, meet him there), but Nidorino is her favorite person in the world to be with. The heart wants what it wants, man. This is a little OOC in that she'd never leave her children unattended, and if she left them with Nidoran and Nidoran, this would still have been planned earlier and not last minute.

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Inspired by me observing a chicken wing. That's all it takes.

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Laser Tag 1

Nidorino, you evil, beautiful man, you. It's been said over and over that Nidorino is really attractive (the most attractive of the Nidorino characters skewing effeminate rather than burly), which aids in Nidorina's obsessive attraction to him. However, leading her on like this, knowing she'll bite and then walking her right into a laser-light slaughter? That's cold. Cold like a laser.

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Laser Tag 2

What works for the gander might not necessarily work for the goose. Nidorina's also very attractive, even if it took her a long time to see that in herself, but Nidorino's usually unfazed by Nidorina's advances. Plus, he just pulled this stunt moments ago, Nidorina. What made you think this would work?

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Crazy Convention

So if the Nido chars went to some convention, who would they be? Pretty much everyone is either dressed according to a personality, or just because they're genuinely weird. Or because their mother put it on them. I don't watch anime, so I just generalized ideas, but here's the rundown:

  • Lisa and Tuff: Catgirls. They think it'll make them more attractive. HAH. Know any people like this?

  • Needles: Superman. Because mommy thought it looked cute. Dang, I can't help but smile every time I see this kid.

  • Diana: Frog. Oh, too cute.

  • Charlotte: Robot who also pilots mechas or something. Theres a lot of chicks like that in those series...

  • Totodile: Lucas. He's a momma's boy, too.

  • Nidorina Schneider: Bounty Hunter. If she wasn't so nice, I could see this being a real occupation.

  • Nidorino Eto: Magical Girl. Because he's touched in the head.

  • Mrs. Nidorina: French Maid. Can't say it doesn't fit, unless she bought it in a small. Try the shrimp, folks, I'm here all night.

  • Eevee: Detective. He always pretends to be one or some such, and he gives ("yucky") dames sass.

  • Mr. Nidorino: Dr. Black Jack (slightly). I dunno, but I figured girls would want Nidorino even more now.

Now, all this aside, I actually dislike conventions. It's really just too much. However, an excuse to play dress up is an excuse to play dress up. Character wise, mind.

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Fun Pencil Doodles 3

The hand drawn display fonts, first and foremost, I think are pretty neat for being drawn pretty quickly (not including "coloring"). But, here's even more fun than I could fit on a sheet of paper from the last two entries of pencil doodles. That Nidoking, by the by, is from the PI series. Also, flappers, despite looking somewhat classy in this day and age, aren't anything flattering. I do like how the kids don't have any idea what's going on (Eevee doesn't really know what's going on, but he knows what he's seeing). I dunno why I stick Nidorina into classic eras, but it doesn't hurt her any. I mean, unless she's dressed like this and it's National Camera Day. Think of the scandal. =P

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... And a Bunch of Nidoran, Too!

Why not introduce you to this cast of cute and happy Nidoran? These are all my Nidoran characters. Here's what's interesting, all but one are from the Poke Island Series, which at the time of this illustration was all I had. Now there's the entire Schneider family, but we'll make do with what we have here.

In order of appearance:

  • 1999 - Melody, Rondo (Poke Island)

  • 1999-2000(?) - Nidoran (F), Martha, Gerald, Nidoran (M), Dot, Needles (Poke Tales)

  • 2000-2001(?) - Diana, Nina*, Chaud* (Poke Legends)

  • 2006 - Angelina (Carmela: ¡Alcance Las Estrellas!).

*Chaud may have appeared first, too lazy to confirm.

And now, some really quick background info. Melody and Rondo are child siblings, but importantly Snow Nidoran, a species of Nidoran with a thicker, white coat living on Mt. Frosty. They lead a choir of other Snow Nidoran kids, and this choir is known as the Snow Children (so now, the fictional Love and Peace song title should make sense).

Nidoran (female) kick started Poke Tales, really, and my love for Nidos. Martha and Gerald Faurnsworth are an older Nidoran couple who fell on hard times. They're also one of the few characters in the series with a surname. Nidoran inadvertantly got them back from rags to riches, but the Faurnsworths are very generous and pleasant to be around. Nidoran (male) is a really nice guy, and a bit of a thrill seeker.

Dot is the Nidoran family's only child. She started off a bully, but just became talky. Needles is the Nidorino family's first born. He's very shy, but likes sweets. Diana is the Nidorino family's second born. She's very sweet natured. She looks a lot like her mom in this picture, too. Nina is the Nidorino family's third born. She's fragile. Chaud is the child of Nidoking's family. Nidoqueen thought it'd be fun to have a baby just like her friends Nidoran and Nidorina. Let's just say the Nidoroyals weren't well prepared. Chaud's a little whiny. Angelina is Carmela's childhood friend. She, like Carmela, has a pretty snappy attitude, but she believes in family and keeping traditions, and has an optomistic personality hidden inside her tough exterior.

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Flipside Skyline

I went through the trouble of coloring it, but I kind of knew I wanted it monochrome from the very beginning.  At any rate, it was supposed to look like a single tone print in a very early newspaper or magazine, hence, again, my decision to go monochrome (though actually you get two colors). Anyway, It's interesting to think how much Alternate Nidorina has come into her own and grew to become her own entity, but even then, you can take Nidorina out of Nidorina, but you can't take the Nidorina out of Nidorina. Or something like that. As opposed to doing a more cliched "twinsies" picture, I decided to do something more fun, all while making a point. Even though AU Nidorina doesn't have any of her own children, she still loves interacting with them (or the good ones, as she puts it). They both like to get dressed for occasions, and sometimes for no real reason at all. And despite growing up in the woods like her predecessor, Dimensional Variant Nidorina is very much a city girl at heart. Tales Nidorina isn't so much a city woman as she is someone who just finds it such an amazing place to be with so much to do and so much to see, and enjoys visiting whenever she can. She's just less bored in the sticks.

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Flipside Skyline Color Version

Here's a color version of Flipside Skyline!

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Nido Christmas Card 2007

A cute Nido cover for a Christmas card. Holiday designs are generic and very Halmark, whoever came up with the scribble tree, credit goes to them. Characters include Nidorino's cute kids Diana and Needles, and then AU Nidorino and Charlotte. I actually printed this out and used it for our 2007 Christmas. Considering this and the cookies, it was a very Pokemon Christmas.

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