Crazy Convention

So if the Nido chars went to some convention, who would they be? Pretty much everyone is either dressed according to a personality, or just because they're genuinely weird. Or because their mother put it on them. I don't watch anime, so I just generalized ideas, but here's the rundown:

  • Lisa and Tuff: Catgirls. They think it'll make them more attractive. HAH. Know any people like this?
  • Needles: Superman. Because mommy thought it looked cute. Dang, I can't help but smile every time I see this kid.
  • Diana: Frog. Oh, too cute.
  • Charlotte: Robot who also pilots mechas or something. Theres a lot of chicks like that in those series...
  • Totodile: Lucas. He's a momma's boy, too.
  • Nidorina Schneider: Bounty Hunter. If she wasn't so nice, I could see this being a real occupation.
  • Nidorino Eto: Magical Girl. Because he's touched in the head.
  • Mrs. Nidorina: French Maid. Can't say it doesn't fit, unless she bought it in a small. Try the shrimp, folks, I'm here all night.
  • Eevee: Detective. He always pretends to be one or some such, and he gives ("yucky") dames sass.
  • Mr. Nidorino: Dr. Black Jack (slightly). I dunno, but I figured girls would want Nidorino even more now.

Now, all this aside, I actually dislike conventions. It's really just too much. However, an excuse to play dress up is an excuse to play dress up. Character wise, mind.