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Maybe Nidorinos in General Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do Anything

How many people have been biten in the arse because of some photo and an internet connection? Too darn many. Originally it was going to be another AU comic, except Nini wouldn't take suggestive photos of herself. Nidorina's a different case, but then again she's married.

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Tooth Fairy

This one is weird because Nidorina's out of character in a different way. If this were based on early Poke Tales, when Nidorina was snappier and defensive, then this comic could work. However, Totodile appeared in Legends, and Nidorina mellowed out by this time, realizing the world wasn't out to get her. Her treatment of Psy seems more like early Tales Nidorina, so while it's not beyond the scope of her behavior, it feels like a regression here. Anyway, the point is that what Nidorina's willing to do for her son's childhood and prolonging that innocence is something she would totally do in any era.

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Laser Tag 1

Nidorino, you evil, beautiful man, you. It's been said over and over that Nidorino is really attractive (the most attractive of the Nidorino characters skewing effeminate rather than burly), which aids in Nidorina's obsessive attraction to him. However, leading her on like this, knowing she'll bite and then walking her right into a laser-light slaughter? That's cold. Cold like a laser.

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Laser Tag 2

What works for the gander might not necessarily work for the goose. Nidorina's also very attractive, even if it took her a long time to see that in herself, but Nidorino's usually unfazed by Nidorina's advances. Plus, he just pulled this stunt moments ago, Nidorina. What made you think this would work?

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Crazy Convention

So if the Nido chars went to some convention, who would they be? Pretty much everyone is either dressed according to a personality, or just because they're genuinely weird. Or because their mother put it on them. I don't watch anime, so I just generalized ideas, but here's the rundown:

  • Lisa and Tuff: Catgirls. They think it'll make them more attractive. HAH. Know any people like this?

  • Needles: Superman. Because mommy thought it looked cute. Dang, I can't help but smile every time I see this kid.

  • Diana: Frog. Oh, too cute.

  • Charlotte: Robot who also pilots mechas or something. Theres a lot of chicks like that in those series...

  • Totodile: Lucas. He's a momma's boy, too.

  • Nidorina Schneider: Bounty Hunter. If she wasn't so nice, I could see this being a real occupation.

  • Nidorino Eto: Magical Girl. Because he's touched in the head.

  • Mrs. Nidorina: French Maid. Can't say it doesn't fit, unless she bought it in a small. Try the shrimp, folks, I'm here all night.

  • Eevee: Detective. He always pretends to be one or some such, and he gives ("yucky") dames sass.

  • Mr. Nidorino: Dr. Black Jack (slightly). I dunno, but I figured girls would want Nidorino even more now.

Now, all this aside, I actually dislike conventions. It's really just too much. However, an excuse to play dress up is an excuse to play dress up. Character wise, mind.

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Fun Pencil Doodles 3

The hand drawn display fonts, first and foremost, I think are pretty neat for being drawn pretty quickly (not including "coloring"). But, here's even more fun than I could fit on a sheet of paper from the last two entries of pencil doodles. That Nidoking, by the by, is from the PI series. Also, flappers, despite looking somewhat classy in this day and age, aren't anything flattering. I do like how the kids don't have any idea what's going on (Eevee doesn't really know what's going on, but he knows what he's seeing). I dunno why I stick Nidorina into classic eras, but it doesn't hurt her any. I mean, unless she's dressed like this and it's National Camera Day. Think of the scandal. =P

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Flipside Skyline

I went through the trouble of coloring it, but I kind of knew I wanted it monochrome from the very beginning.  At any rate, it was supposed to look like a single tone print in a very early newspaper or magazine, hence, again, my decision to go monochrome (though actually you get two colors). Anyway, It's interesting to think how much Alternate Nidorina has come into her own and grew to become her own entity, but even then, you can take Nidorina out of Nidorina, but you can't take the Nidorina out of Nidorina. Or something like that. As opposed to doing a more cliched "twinsies" picture, I decided to do something more fun, all while making a point. Even though AU Nidorina doesn't have any of her own children, she still loves interacting with them (or the good ones, as she puts it). They both like to get dressed for occasions, and sometimes for no real reason at all. And despite growing up in the woods like her predecessor, Dimensional Variant Nidorina is very much a city girl at heart. Tales Nidorina isn't so much a city woman as she is someone who just finds it such an amazing place to be with so much to do and so much to see, and enjoys visiting whenever she can. She's just less bored in the sticks.

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Flipside Skyline Color Version

Here's a color version of Flipside Skyline!

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We Love You, Mama

"The love that you've given to everyone, to the world we live in, shall not go unnoticed. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Happy Mother's Day."

Even fictional characters deserve appreciation, too.

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Mother's Day 2010

Your kids will turn out the way you raise them, and the amount of time spent with them also has a huge effect during the developmental years. I'm sure Nidorina's kids will be fun, loving, and fun loving just like their mother is, and Nidorina truly enjoys playing with her kids. They are her world, you know. But hey, daddy loves 'em too.

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