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Clean Town

This is perfectly in line with a Poke Tales short. I'm also quite proud of Nidorina's matronly anime look. She looks huggably adorable, if not a little too wide canonically.

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Fun Pencil Doodles 4

More Nido doodles for those who can't get enough. Oh, sorry, I was speaking in front of the mirror again. If I knew about HGTV back in 1999-2002, Nidoran would've been all over that station. But I wonder if it was as popular now as it was then? Apparently, Charlotte's becoming too much of an individual these days, so how does one fix that? Why not build a toy robot lackey in her resemblance? Finally, what if the major Nido gals had to role play each other? Some fit like a glove, others are pretty laughable.

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... And a Bunch of Nidoran, Too!

Why not introduce you to this cast of cute and happy Nidoran? These are all my Nidoran characters. Here's what's interesting, all but one are from the Poke Island Series, which at the time of this illustration was all I had. Now there's the entire Schneider family, but we'll make do with what we have here.

In order of appearance:

  • 1999 - Melody, Rondo (Poke Island)

  • 1999-2000(?) - Nidoran (F), Martha, Gerald, Nidoran (M), Dot, Needles (Poke Tales)

  • 2000-2001(?) - Diana, Nina*, Chaud* (Poke Legends)

  • 2006 - Angelina (Carmela: ¡Alcance Las Estrellas!).

*Chaud may have appeared first, too lazy to confirm.

And now, some really quick background info. Melody and Rondo are child siblings, but importantly Snow Nidoran, a species of Nidoran with a thicker, white coat living on Mt. Frosty. They lead a choir of other Snow Nidoran kids, and this choir is known as the Snow Children (so now, the fictional Love and Peace song title should make sense).

Nidoran (female) kick started Poke Tales, really, and my love for Nidos. Martha and Gerald Faurnsworth are an older Nidoran couple who fell on hard times. They're also one of the few characters in the series with a surname. Nidoran inadvertantly got them back from rags to riches, but the Faurnsworths are very generous and pleasant to be around. Nidoran (male) is a really nice guy, and a bit of a thrill seeker.

Dot is the Nidoran family's only child. She started off a bully, but just became talky. Needles is the Nidorino family's first born. He's very shy, but likes sweets. Diana is the Nidorino family's second born. She's very sweet natured. She looks a lot like her mom in this picture, too. Nina is the Nidorino family's third born. She's fragile. Chaud is the child of Nidoking's family. Nidoqueen thought it'd be fun to have a baby just like her friends Nidoran and Nidorina. Let's just say the Nidoroyals weren't well prepared. Chaud's a little whiny. Angelina is Carmela's childhood friend. She, like Carmela, has a pretty snappy attitude, but she believes in family and keeping traditions, and has an optomistic personality hidden inside her tough exterior.

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Mother's Day 2011

For best effect, imagine Dot has the shy, stilted and slurred-stumbly tone of a three year old. That's how her line is supposed to read, but I never quite know if that translates on paper. I wish I had VAs for these characters, especially the babies. Man would that be adorable. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, wives, children, grandchildren and everyone else who's been touched by a maternal influence. :)

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Spring 2019

The first day of spring may or may not look like this in your area.

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Onlooking Nidoran

Excuse to draw a picture of Nidoran Female, you'll find I do this a lot. I also tend to make a lot of over dramatic pictures with her, because she was such a dramatic character (nah, not really).

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My what big ears you have. While Nidorina and Chicolita held the title of best cooks in the Poke Forest, Nidoran could still crush them with her unbelievable ability to bake treats. There's a whole story devoted to this talent. It's amazing what one can do with only two claws. Then again, Chicolita's food is gourmet quality, she only has a hoof dealie to use AND she's only 12. Oh, what us humans don't know about Pokemon capabilities. And they want to keep it that way.

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Poke Tales/Legends Nido Role Call

Doodled just because. Not including Poke Island itself, it had an entirely different Nido cast than the latter two parts of the series. These are all he important Nido cast members (they may not all be major characters, but they aren't background). When you stop to think of it, outside of Poke Island, Nido Pokemon have been the foundation of everything I start that's Pokemon related. With such high regard, it's no surprise I would build unnecessary sites like this one, but someone had to do it.

The imagery MIGHT make more sense than it did when I first uploaded this, with the advent of more character info through time. But like last time, you could probably guess what each character is like just by what you see, and you'd probably be spot on (although the children are a bit hard).

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Poke Forest Karaoke

The denizens of the Poke Forest are a close bunch. They all know Nidorina can't sing, but they all encourage her anyway. Such a wonderful group of friends! Well, her kids just want to die, but you know how it is. As long as you're having a good time. The song I was thinking of when drawing this was Addictive Love by Bebe and Cece Winans (it's an old early 90's song), despite neither character sounding like them. I also like drawing exaggerated pics, but you knew this.

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Walking Alone

Monochromatic for some kind of emphasis. It's another sullen image of Nidoran, based off of "The Lonely Nidoran", the first Poke Tales story (but #3 in episode order).

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