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New Year 2016

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Pokemon Cooking Club

I bought these back when I visited the Pokemon Center in New York the first time, as evidenced by the copyright date. It only now occurred to me that I should scan it. I regret not buying the mug or other pieces that had Nidoqueen on them. I know I was a Nido fan back then based off of the fact that I remember I was doing Poppistar Universe and Poke Legends around that time (it's sad that the only way I can recall when I liked a Pokemon was how I utilized it). But I was a kid with no money back then, too. Nidoqueen is playing a cute role, sure, but I get more nostalgic just looking at this overall than anything. I guess in my case, it carries a memory for me. Back when the Pokemon Center was good (or existed as the Pokemon Center at all), and I could still (care to) keep track of the amount of Pokemon. :P

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It's That Time Again

When autumn comes around, the leaves start to change colors. It appears that this also happens seasonally to some Leaf Pokemon as well.

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I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

It's interesting to me to think that this picture would eventually inspire an animated version seven years later, but here it is, the original catalyst!

I know this is Sinatra's song, but I had the Billie Holiday version in mind. Why do I always think of Nidorina whenever I think of anything from an older era? Must be all those classic movies I watch. You know, the black and white movies were "men were men and women were women". Then again, she's the only Nido actress I have, not that that means a whole lot. Well, like any old song, this is one of my favorites. Well, anything sung by a crooner or jazz singer is pretty good, in my opinion. But, I also like Christmas music too. It's my favorite time of the year for the warm fuzzies.

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Poke Forest Karaoke

The denizens of the Poke Forest are a close bunch. They all know Nidorina can't sing, but they all encourage her anyway. Such a wonderful group of friends! Well, her kids just want to die, but you know how it is. As long as you're having a good time. The song I was thinking of when drawing this was Addictive Love by Bebe and Cece Winans (it's an old early 90's song), despite neither character sounding like them. I also like drawing exaggerated pics, but you knew this.

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Christmas 2017 - New Year's 2018

Man, it's like everyone in the Poke Forest has a really poor grasp of time. Be sure to take time to appreciate the present time, and not get so wrapped up in your work!

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New Year 2017 - New Year's Resolutions

Will any of them follow through? I'm sure Pikachu, Lisa and Sentret will, and Tuff is just looney enough to go through with hers, too.

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It's The Great Pumpkin...

To set the mood, my absolute favorite Peanuts theme.

You can thank my sister for this idea. I'm honestly surprised that after all these years, I never thought of it myself.

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We Love You, Mama

"The love that you've given to everyone, to the world we live in, shall not go unnoticed. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Happy Mother's Day."

Even fictional characters deserve appreciation, too.

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Two Good Buddies

Okay this is not my best work but here is Charlotte with my character Jessica the Pikachu. Kine got Jessica from the same pokenerd who gave him Nidorina. Jessica can also know what Charlotte says.

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