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Valentine's Day 2011 - Practical Cards

Valentine's cards that are actually meant to be useful. This set includes characters Sentret, Charlotte, Nidorino (AU) and Wobbuffet. The pic's pretty big, just in case for some reason someone actually wants to print these out on cardstock. I am not responsible for any possible outcomes.

Check the full post (or click to see the gallery mode above) for the full Valentine's cards set!

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I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

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Pokemon Cooking Club

I bought these back when I visited the Pokemon Center in New York the first time, as evidenced by the copyright date. It only now occurred to me that I should scan it. I regret not buying the mug or other pieces that had Nidoqueen on them. I know I was a Nido fan back then based off of the fact that I remember I was doing Poppistar Universe and Poke Legends around that time (it's sad that the only way I can recall when I liked a Pokemon was how I utilized it). But I was a kid with no money back then, too. Nidoqueen is playing a cute role, sure, but I get more nostalgic just looking at this overall than anything. I guess in my case, it carries a memory for me. Back when the Pokemon Center was good (or existed as the Pokemon Center at all), and I could still (care to) keep track of the amount of Pokemon. :P

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