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Aqua Bunny’s 13th Anniversary

Here’s my artwork for Aquabunny’s 13th anniversary event, and to celebrate this anniversary I shall say something out to Aquabunny.

 Thank you for bringing joy to your fans and our favorite Pokémon, you gave the nido evolution line a reason to be loved and a reason to be favorited among others, your artwork and your characters alone are amazing and will always bring a smile to me and your other fans’ faces. Thank you for showing your art and your appreciation to our favorite evolution line.

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New Year 2016

Man that's a lot of tags

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Nidorino's Thoughts

Nidorino, you cad. Your fantasies are beyond unrealistic. I didn't really consider how awkward him liking Charlotte was back in the day, though.

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Halloween 2018: Finally! All of You Are Dead!

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