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Alternate Universe: Surely, Charlotte ~ Title - Page 9

She's dark. She's Mysterious. She's absolutely atomic! It's Charlotte, the unpredictable but endearingly cute test project! Yet another collection of old comics from the beginning, redrawn and in some cases, rewritten. Plus, a few bonus comics at the end that are all new. It's Alternate Universe, the cross over of cross overs.

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Alternate Universe: She's One of a Kind, Kine ~ Pages 78 - 89

I think it's funny how I time these stories unintentionally. This one's was uploaded 6 days before Valentine's Day in 2014, and it's all about love and friendships. In all seriousness, the ACTUAL reason I included this story (even though I didn't need to, much like the pool party one) was because I felt I should at least include a Chikorita story before I finally quit the AU collections. Plus, it shows the much needed bonding between Chikorita and Nidorina, who prior to this event were on OK terms at the best of times. This story is also necessary characterization for Nidorina, in that it presents her in the role that she's plays the best...

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