Alternate Universe: We Still Love You, Nidorino ~ Title - Page 10

Whether based on experience or just fictional nonsense, follow the antics of Nidorino and Death Reaper JOE. A collection of old comics from the beginning, redrawn and in some cases, rewritten. Plus, a few bonus comics at the end that are all new. It's Alternate Universe, the cross over of cross overs.

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If I'm being honest, there's never been one "all-purpose" Pokemon message board I've ever been to where I didn't feel like yet another number on the registered list and everything I ever wrote wasn't just a waste of energy. I don't think the series is very conductive to closeknit-ness if you approach it in a broad way because there's not a whole lot to attach to aside from maybe gameplay, considering everything else is based on the player's personal projections and/or tastes. There's far too many modular options, a person who likes strictly cute monsters and one who likes strictly hardcore looking monsters will NEVER interact one-on-one on purpose, and if they do it's about as stilted and unsatisfactory as job colleague conversation. You have to start with a Pokemon niche to get somewhere, like say... a Nido fan site based on creatives reaching out to other creatives.

Idk, just my 2 cents and several years of trying. And boi, have I tried...

In retrospect the inside jokes here might be a bit too inclusive to have worked as material in a compilation series, in that you really did have to be there/online and know who we were at that time. But when you're hurting for Nidorino themed material from the earliest possible comics, it's guaranteed to be... bemusing to say the least. These comics are already over a decade old, it is what it is.

Ash Head has been annihilated via blasphemy countless times, but he always comes back in the next story, or even strip. Like DRJ says on the next page, no one seems to stay dead.

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