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Clash! Pocket Monsters – Bulba Clarke

Done in Paul Robertson's sprite style.

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Ah! Americatastic!

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Inspired by the previous XEXEX picture by DynamiteManEXE, I decided to go full on Cave here. I'll let you figure out the references. If you can't, Google things like "Cave bug girl" or, I'll give you this one, "Esprade". Or even "Cave shooting games" because I'll guarantee you'll find them all that way. Long story short, I love this company. It's a shame it had to go the way of "we're just doing mobile in Japan now". The games aren't even made by the same staff so all the post Saidaioujou efforts feel — unsurprisingly — devoid of magic.

All that said, Cave? I recommend. Or rather, I reco-mmend, right? And if nothing else, just listen to some of the soundtracks from these games, especially anything Manabu Namiki is attached to. This is the style of music I must have in my (larger effort) original games.

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Oh! Americanism!

America represent! For Independence Day, except that I wouldn't stick something so specific to a single country in the Holiday section. Plus, this picture could be used year round anyway. Every day is Murica Day! Land of the hot dog, burger and fries.

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Afternoon Tacos

I did a lot of initial sketches of them actually up at the food truck ordering/picking up their food, but, let's just say I couldn't really get the truck to turn out very well. So instead I drew then already sitting down or getting ready to sit down and enjoying their tacos. Just pretend that the truck is somewhere off screen >_>

I hope that you like it anyway (even without the actual truck)! Actually attempting a full background for once I think was a good experience for me and this was pretty fun to color as well.

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Those Dear to My Heart

Nidorina, with dolls of those closest to her. Missing are her family members, though.

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Halloween 2018: Finally! All of You Are Dead!

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December 26th - Bulba Clarke

Bulbasaur was my first starter ever back when Red and Blue were first released, and whenever I'm given the option to choose Gen I starters again, I always pick Bulbasaur without fail. Case in point, Pokemon Y. You don't know how happy I am that Sugimori made Bulbasaur cuter starting with the Fire Red/Leaf Green games. I'm never switching, now.

Ms. Clarke is such a darling. If I ever had a Bulbasaur of my own (assuming Pokemon existed), I'd hope it was just as nice as she is. Despite being just as chatty as Nidorina with Nidorina, she still makes a nice, calmer contrast to her and the rest of the young adults. In fact she's probably closer to Nidoqueen, though a lot more outgoing and less introverted.

Bulba is from Alternate Universe, and is also inspired by the Pokemon of the same name from my friend's copy of Pokemon Gold.

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31 Days of Pokemon - December 2013

MUCH larger version here.

Created for a Tumblr marathon known as POKEDDEXY. The point was to draw each of your favorite Pokemon of each type, and then some as you'll see down the line. I didn't actually finish it until January, 2014, due to a late start, other obligations, and the fact that a portion of the art actually has some thought in it rather than really fast doodles. Well, of course I was gonna want to use them later, might as well make them at least half-presentable. This picture was created in the style of Pop'n Music/Rhythmic Pop'n.

Patterns from webtreats ETC. Also, inspired by an official piece of PNM promo art, so there's some similarities.

I'm still taken aback by the fact that there's Pokemon beyond Generation III in this picture. Gosh, who'da thunk it? There's also a bit of cosplay for those of you who also revel in obscure Japanese fun n' games, and just for kicks, two extras decided to... Pop'n... for a cameo (who won't be pictured otherwise). :D Not ashamed of that, nope.

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Clash! Pocket Monsters

This artwork is meant to go with the Paul Robertson-esque gifs on the gifs page. You can go stare at 'em all day long while looping Another Winter by Anamanaguchi. And as for this picture? Variable Cross from Marvel vs. Capcom is all I think of. And hey look, that Nidoran male over there is a really early version of Andy Schneider, one of Nidorina's younger brothers. He fits the style, but don't get too attached to this design. It's still in early draft form.

You know, I wouldn't mind an AU or an overall Creative Worlds/Aqua Bunny beat 'em up/platformer using this style. Could be awesome. The soundtrack needs to sound like DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu/Deathsmiles, or anything Manabu Namiki (and Kudo and Chiba) lays his (their) hands on. Oh God how I want him (them) to compose music for whatever games I make in the future...

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