Alternate Universe: She's One of a Kind, Kine ~ Title - Page 10

You caught 'em, Kine. Now you have to live with them. This is the end, folks. This collection includes the rest of the Nidorina stories, and Nidoqueen's stories as well, and as usual, new stories can be found at the end. Let's give it up for Alternate Universe one more time in what may be the best collection to date.

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I guess you could say the evolutionary stages of Kine's Pokemon friends are...

wait for it...

Set in Stone.

This comic's important for two reasons. One, it's the story where Kine releases his Pokemon, an event that happens fairly early in the series. After this point, he no longer has the authority to tell them what to do outside of a landlord-tenant relationship. Secondly, it's the first appearance of Miltank, and the joke that she's infatuated with Kine starts this early, too. It's slightly foreshadowing considering she'd return later as a permanent cast member.

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