Alternate Universe: She's One of a Kind, Kine ~ Pages 21 - 31

Of course. A random handful of twenty-somethings are assigned to go head to head with this comic's Axis powers. What could possibly go wrong?

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Selective effort is alive and well in this AU collection. Maybe this is why it takes me so long to make these.

This story is dedicated to those who still prefer ACTION GIRL! Nidorina for some reason.

I can imagine Porky/Pokey being the type who thinks he's old enough to drink. At least Post-Monotoli Porky. Too bad he won't wanna be so grown later.

ITC: Nidorina spent her time in the Secret Service watching old movies. Also, when I was younger, I always thought those markings on Bukiset were his eyes, and the visor was a smiling mouth with a single tooth.

Top strip, panel 3. That's got to be one of my favorite drawings I've pulled off into a tiny box. Only Game Informer X can make being useless seem hardcore. I love the reaction panel afterwords, too.

This ending was always rather sitcommy, but mostly I think this is probably one of the first real times Nidorina was shown to be kind of goofy. You know that later she becomes more and more cheeky as the series progresses. Also, I still have no real good grasp of what Attract actually is, but I'm sure she pulls something off without being having to be ratchet.

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