Alternate Universe: We Still Love You, Nidorino ~ Pages 21 - 29

On the first (2006) iteration of the Aqua Bunny website, this page was marked as the start of a new segment. You should be able to tell because it no longer focuses on forums (for the most part), and Nidorino becomes more of a character and less of a mouthpiece (until it relates to the internet again). His whole personality just kinda changes.

That said, this portion still has more "forum experience" comics that are hard to follow (even for me, and I wrote them... so long ago that the context is starting to fade), so you can skip ahead to pages 30 and on if you don't feel like being confused. Otherwise...

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I get that when I originally made these comics in 2001 or whatever that I felt like "the world is ALWAYS out to get the little guy" or something like that, I mean, after all, aren't we all trying to be pioneers of something when we're kids, out to change the world 'n stuff? With age, though, looking back at this, it IS rather "everyone's the hero of their own story" so... yeah. I wouldn't write anything like this now, but I certainly get it and understood how I was feeling back then.

Okay, I forgot about Raichu's Power Plant. That may have been the record breaking "only good" Pokemon forum I've been to in terms of community experience. It's not enough to feel like a community is nice, Pokecommunity was nice. I mean, shoot, going to university or your job can be nice if no one's being a direct douche to anyone. But feeling like you don't exist/matter is like... something I don't think people as a whole cope with very well, especially over time, cordial community or not. It probably helped that RPP was small, you couldn't get lost in a sea of numbers and there weren't enough people to create cliques.

Dear young me: Take it easy lol

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