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Valentine's Day 2011 - Practical Cards

Valentine's cards that are actually meant to be useful. This set includes characters Sentret, Charlotte, Nidorino (AU) and Wobbuffet. The pic's pretty big, just in case for some reason someone actually wants to print these out on cardstock. I am not responsible for any possible outcomes.

Check the full post (or click to see the gallery mode above) for the full Valentine's cards set!

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2011 - Year of the Rabbit

Influenced by sumi-e. Okay, so I didn't use any ink, and there's some color, but I did use watercolors (the kind in the tube, not the cakes). Took a few tries, but I ended up with this version which I like the most. To me, it took far less time than anything digital would have. The brush strokes just wouldn't've been the same if I tried this in Photoshop. Anyway, happy Year of the Nidoran. Uh, Rabbit. Same difference.

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New Year 2011 - Shooting Star

I didn't have any idea of what to do this year, but I know I was inspired by Sonic Colors's very neon art direction when I did this.

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Christmas 2010 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

And how! This is a rather charming bit of non traditional art, and yes, this is made with real paper cutouts. The use of only paper and the imperfections throughout turn what could've been another holiday drawing into something cute and different. I could be wrong, but I think I had this idea in my head since 2008 or 2009. I don't quite know what changed my mind either time, although it might have been because it was going to be a story instead of a picture, or because the idea of Nidorina making out with ol' "Saint Nick" seemed a bit much. Oh Nidorina, not in front of the kids! Another thing is that I feel like this scene is ripe for commentary you could add in for any of the children ('cept Diana).

Totodile: I didn't know Santa could do the Tango~

Come on, this stuff writes itself.

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Father's Day 2010

Stereotypically speaking, fathers are either the most distant from their kids (workaholics, etc) or relate the closest, being a kid at heart (and probably a little stupid). I dislike both of those. Nidorino's typically busy and seemingly distant but he really means well. He cares about his kids and wants to be close to them. But he's not ignorant to what his kids like (even if they are all under 7), so he plays with them accordingly. Afterall, he was a free spirit once. What a loving dad, that Nidorino.

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Mother's Day 2010

Your kids will turn out the way you raise them, and the amount of time spent with them also has a huge effect during the developmental years. I'm sure Nidorina's kids will be fun, loving, and fun loving just like their mother is, and Nidorina truly enjoys playing with her kids. They are her world, you know. But hey, daddy loves 'em too.

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Easter 2010

Poor Mrs. Hen, this is no dream or hangover. If you're quick, you can see where I got this idea. I was thinking of the imagery you sometimes see around this holiday, with rabbits hatching from eggs. Of course that doesn't make any sense, but neither does the concept of Pokemon eggs. And yet, it works anyway. So, seeing as I could pull off a rabbit hatching literally, and with Pokemon eggs being decorative, I instantly knew that I had to put the eggs in a henhouse and make a chicken check her sanity. I was lazy and used wood texture brushes for the wood texture.

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Valentine's Day 2010 - Kissy

You know how some artists' middle stage Nidos are drawn more rhino like? It's like I go the extreme opposite, mine get more and more rabbit like. Picture is rather self explanatory. All I can say is calling Nidorina crazy about Nidorino is an understatement.

Obviously influenced by vintage design, specifically UPA in most cases, but not as flat. Kind of like the Valentine's related animation I had done. I can see where it's had a great impact on illustrative and cartooning styles, but that's not a discussion for this site.

The background is the Pea Soup pattern by Jen Furlotte ( I'm surprised this site still exists!)

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New Year 2010

Time to enter a new decade with a reimagining of the first New Year's pic Aqua Bunny had. Kinda like starting over again. The Nido representations you read for New Year 2007 apply here.

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Christmas 2009 - Nativity Scene

On some given day that we for some reason observe on December 25th, Needles was born. I kid, kids. I thought this would be cute to do, there's no sacreligious intent, believe you me. Although, you gotta be real, I'm pretty sure that's what Joseph was thinking. It's supposed to look like some kind of mural (or stone wall painting, even though it's probably got more colors than actually used in biblical times), and it uses familiar characters playing at least semi-fitting roles.

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