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Mr. Doesn't Smile

Precious Lisa is precious.

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I've Yet to See the One Who Can Resist Baby Chicks

An art trade with MetallicUmbrage (aka Kitty), and since I seem to be playing catch up with all Nido OCs who've at one point been on AB, it seems like doing one of Kitty is right on schedule. It's always fun for me to draw Nidorina, but I found something quite appealing about doing this one in particular. Now, Kitty likes to put up a tough front, but as you can see, she's starting break, and trying not to "daawww". Perhaps one day she'll turn these chicks into metalheads. I figured this pic would be just the right amount of cute without going too far.

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Easter 2011 - Springtime

Something I rushed out the door, not 100% Easter related so much as just general springtime. Only pencils and colored pencils used (except the font that says Springtime). Yeah, I guess there's a homey coziness to this picture, but it's so boring (coming from me, anyway). Seriously, anyone could've drew this, in fact you can probably find the exact same cliche somewhere else

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Valentine's Day 2012 - Conversation Hearts

A sort of spiritual successor of last year's Valentine's Cards. However, the trick this time was to not make up phrases based on a few characters, but to find and use legitimate phrases you can find on REAL CANDY, and make sure a character fits it, so it's slightly less gimmicky. And again, all these phrases can be found on real conversational hearts, even if the phrase is now discontinued or they didn't come from the Brach's/NECCO brand (some of them are from Bittersweets Conversational Hearts, for example).

I decided to dust off the old cast from Chibi's Corner (here's a refresher). There are characters I didn't include, sure, but that's irrelevant. I did, however, make sure to leave names this time.

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