All Fan Art in Celebration of Dedication Contest 2017

Schneider Sister Dance Party

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My general art entry for Aqua Bunny’s Nido art contest…I was far too proud of this pun to not use it.

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Been in love with the site ever since I stumbled across it alongside Creative Worlds with the insanity that appealed to me at that right moment in time and invigorated me to continue my arting shenanigans, not to mention I have you to blame for formally introducing me to Konami’s radtastic library of yore.

And man alive, you hit all the right notes when I first saw that Teto-Ran.

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Ice Cream Donut

Here’s my entry for the general category of your contest.  I hope you like it. 

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Legend of Didi

This is my drawing of Didi cosplay of Toon Link.

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I’m Evolved Now, B:tch!

A tribute to the first videogames/anime series which showed the famous battle between Gengar and Nidorino. I’m a fan of Nidoking for how tough it looks so I thought “what would the same battle look if Nidorino had better chances?” Then this happened hah

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Nini Paint

“Look Mrs. Nidorina, I painted myself” ^w^

Nini has always been my favorite of the Nidoran Family, she had to be the one I drew for the 12th anniversary art contest.  Thanx Ms. Aqua-Bunny for being such a great artist, I love this tumblr page, along with the other amazing contributing pages of the abgallery, like Ms, New-Nidozard and Ms. Torielzard for the advice and help with my drawings I draw on my free time. I was so happy to make this for you, and I would love to draw Nini again sometime soon. (I am not trying to suck up, I swear) ^w^

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Mrs. Nido

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The Schneider Family

( i missed Nora ;-;)  Well, try as best as possible in this drawing, maybe I did not do my best in the background, but I liked it a lot :)

Well, i hope you like it. \(*w*)/

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Troublesome Situation

I thought about what to draw for the competition. Any of my sketch was not good enough. I did not like any other pose I drew. In the end I chose this one. I decided to make Nid and two characters from the Aquabunny universe in the children’s version. I decided to play with eyes coloring and using other means for painting.

The scene presents Nid, who draws Nidos from various universum. Didi and Oni really want Nid to draw them too. I really like these two for a simple reason: this is the first stage of Nido (f) :3.

Oni: now you are drawing me, right, right?
Didi: No! She’s definitely drawing me! For sure!
Nid: h-heeeelp

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