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Easter 2012...I think

GET HYPE. Now I never have to draw another holiday picture again.

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Valentine's Day 2012 - Conversation Hearts

A sort of spiritual successor of last year's Valentine's Cards. However, the trick this time was to not make up phrases based on a few characters, but to find and use legitimate phrases you can find on REAL CANDY, and make sure a character fits it, so it's slightly less gimmicky. And again, all these phrases can be found on real conversational hearts, even if the phrase is now discontinued or they didn't come from the Brach's/NECCO brand (some of them are from Bittersweets Conversational Hearts, for example).

I decided to dust off the old cast from Chibi's Corner (here's a refresher). There are characters I didn't include, sure, but that's irrelevant. I did, however, make sure to leave names this time.

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Nido Cuddle

Quick drawing for Valentine's day! Practicing drawing facial expressions.

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New Year 2012

I actually had this idea last year, but it wasn't as fleshed out, which is why I went with the shooting star theme instead. I kind of like these one panel comics. It's all I got the time for.

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Christmas 2011 - Grab Bag

So that's why your present went missing. You remember that kid that always wanted to know what everyone else got? And if s/he could have, would've taken it from you? It's kinda like that. Anyway, a bit of a rush job, here, in that I really did not have the time to work on this and another thing (and would've preferably stuck with the other thing). The concept I had in mind for a couple of weeks, though, so at least there's that. It explains why I didn't bother with digital colors, though.

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Holiday Treats Are Extra Sweet

This picture isn't really geared to any particular holiday, but it is rooted in seasonal specialties. Inspired by some chocolates I had from Godiva. These were no ordinary flavors, however (which at Godiva are anything but from the get go), but special autumn flavors. They might've been Halloween themed but with flavors like pumpkin pie and its association with Thanksgiving, it's hard to tell. Anyway, the orange one is Pumpkin Cheesecake (and arguably the best one I had), the one with nuts is Carrot Cake (pales in comparison to the real deal, though), and the yellow drizzled one is Caramel Apple. I may not be much for Halloween, but I love how the Autumn holidays get the food industry pumped into making specialty flavors the likes you'll never see again until Christmas (if then), and then you have to wait until next year. And that's why the picture is titled thusly.

Originally, this picture was going to have Nidorina, being one to enjoy carrot cakes and decadent delicacies. But I decided it'd work better as a holiday-ish piece, and I really wanted to do something cute with Needles for the longest time.

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It's The Great Pumpkin...

To set the mood, my absolute favorite Peanuts theme.

You can thank my sister for this idea. I'm honestly surprised that after all these years, I never thought of it myself.

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Father's Day 2011

It's time to upgrade, dad. But if you're over 200 years old, can you really be blamed for just wanting something you're handy with that's stood the test of time? Talk about a generation gap! This Father's Day piece was made in relation to the dads out there who received gifts that were either impractical or they just have no use for, but are well aware of the good intentions of their sons and daughters (especially if you've got a teenager willing to spend big bucks on an expensive gadget!). Here's hoping you dads out there aren't stuck with "World's Greatest Dad" ties! But remember, this day is about appreciating the father figure in your life, and showing him you care, so here's to all the respectable fathers the world over.

PS: I think I've kissed up to Jeff Smith enough in this piece. :)

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Mother's Day 2011

For best effect, imagine Dot has the shy, stilted and slurred-stumbly tone of a three year old. That's how her line is supposed to read, but I never quite know if that translates on paper. I wish I had VAs for these characters, especially the babies. Man would that be adorable. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, wives, children, grandchildren and everyone else who's been touched by a maternal influence. :)

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Easter 2011 - Springtime

Something I rushed out the door, not 100% Easter related so much as just general springtime. Only pencils and colored pencils used (except the font that says Springtime). Yeah, I guess there's a homey coziness to this picture, but it's so boring (coming from me, anyway). Seriously, anyone could've drew this, in fact you can probably find the exact same cliche somewhere else

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