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A Nidorina's Christmas

A Nidorina, sitting and watching the snow, a Nidorino patterned scarf around her neck. I hand drew this, outlined it in pen, scanned it, then colored it in MS Paint.

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Thanksgiving 2007

For those who like stereotypical sour marriages. :|

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Easter 2007

While drawing this, it occurred to me that you can interpret this picture in various ways.

  • A representation of taking down commercialism.

  • Standing against the commercial symbolism that tries to mask the religious aspects of Passover, or...

  • Take Buneary down.

Regardless, hope you had a good one.

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New Year 2007

Holiday pic. Nidoroyals are party goers, King being a boozer and Queen being a socialite. Nidorina is Japanese New Year, and Nidoran is the New Year's Baby (despite not being a baby).

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Christmas 2006

Holiday pic. Originally supposed to include all Nidos, with King and Queen being the Claus's and 'Rin@ being reindeer. I just didn't feel like drawing all that, though.

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