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Nidorina 3DS Decal

I had this made years ago, but I never used it and forgot about it. It's actually a good thing I never used it, considering I busted up that 3DS anyway. But I bet they'd look cool, though. They look pretty cool right here, even.

The design is mine, but I had someone else print it off. He used to be good, but the last time I used him (for the 2017 contest) he vastly inflated his prices... and then sent me versions with poorer quality at that, so I can't recommend him, unfortunately (if he's still doing it at all).

I also have one in black. View post to see that one, too.

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Look it’s a queen

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A Small Collection of Nidorina

One of these creatures has a different name than the rest. Can you guess who that is? A rather small potatoes collection of the Nidorina collectables I have, fan created and mass produced. I don't have access to all of my stuff, just what's on hand. For example, I'm missing official things like the more recent keychains and the Bandai Battle figure to the crafty things like the clay Mrs. Nidorina and the Nidorina pin I made for Creative Worlds waaaay way back. Let it never be said that I didn't make it clear who my favorite Pokemon is. As for what's next, hard to say given the limits of Nidorina merch that doesn't completely suck and isn't worth the shipping costs, but I could use a new figurine because the current one is very old and getting grimy. I also know I'm missing the evolutionary line set (which fortunately, AB has still been provided a pic of), but don't know where to obtain that, partially because I'm not making the effort to look. On the fan side, I would love newer character dolls. Larger and only kind of super deformed. I don't know who's gonna make these wonderful dolls but it's gotta happen before I end this site (heck I'd get the bootleggers on it if they were taking design submissions and didn't charge me for 1,000 ^^;). As for the current ones, the eyes on Nidorina and her mirror world counterpart have bleached to orange due to time, but if that's the worst of it, it's no big deal. Still precious things to have considering.

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Nido Pins

The only one I'm missing is Nidoking, which only bothers me on a collector level (what little of a collector I am). Nidoran Female and Nidoqueen are both great for different reasons. The worst is clearly Nidorino. That's a shame.

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Pokemon Cooking Club

I bought these back when I visited the Pokemon Center in New York the first time, as evidenced by the copyright date. It only now occurred to me that I should scan it. I regret not buying the mug or other pieces that had Nidoqueen on them. I know I was a Nido fan back then based off of the fact that I remember I was doing Poppistar Universe and Poke Legends around that time (it's sad that the only way I can recall when I liked a Pokemon was how I utilized it). But I was a kid with no money back then, too. Nidoqueen is playing a cute role, sure, but I get more nostalgic just looking at this overall than anything. I guess in my case, it carries a memory for me. Back when the Pokemon Center was good (or existed as the Pokemon Center at all), and I could still (care to) keep track of the amount of Pokemon. :P

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Male Nido Keychains

At the time when I first uploaded these, I didn't know where they got the new designs from, but even now, I still think they look kinda off. That's not a great Nidorino, and Nidoran still looks underfed, but hey, it was still better than them using the old stock poses. That, and I was still happy Nidos got something in 2010 (or so), period.

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Female Nido Keychains

I had acquired these during the fall, or summer, in 2010 but was too lazy to get them up (more like I dislike using cameras, but I figured out I can scan these). At the time (2011) these were probably the most recent Nido product in years not including the cards. Man, the poor Pokemon.

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Unofficial Nido Magnets

Got these in Chinatown. Of course, anyone could've made these, and they just filched artwork from an image search I'm sure (Nidoran Female isn't even the same quality as the rest of her evolutions for goodness sake), but they were cheap, and Nido, which equaled "gotta have". The cool thing about the store was that the magnets they were selling leaned towards Nido (like) favoritism, as they were only selling Nidos, Ratta family, and Rhyhorn family magnets (with a one off Hypno, Golem, and Oak/Jenny/Joy/somebody else magnet). That coupled with the fact that most Chinatown wares cater to the first generation, and it's a shopping spree.

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