Something Old, Something New, Something Pink and Something Blue!

Finally filling out the books section of the site, I've re-instated the old favorite Let's Find Pokemon, and have and all new archival scan of Nidoran's New Friend from the limited Pokemon Junior series. If you haven't read it before and you're also above the age of 15, well, it's not timeless literature. However, what it does well is insert some great anime isos as illustrations of the Nidoran, giving you a bit more than you'll ever find in any guidebook. Also, you get to read some of Pikachu's most sacred thoughts, so there's that. Additionally, credit where it's due, at least they chose to give a book to Nidoran in the first place. My assumption is that it was a story that they felt would be appealing to the young female demographic, compared to a lot of the anime's other offerings, but as I like to say, life was easier for Nidos when you only had to compete with 146 other Pokemon (including Togepi in that number).

Anyway, check out the books section and get that grey matter activated! 

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See how far you can stretch a species in the Mixed and Other Character gallery

A gallery spotlight for a half complete gallery!

(Pictured above: Fwoozles by Khalia)

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An Occasional Comic for an Occasional Day

Here's how I spent my extra day.

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The Nidorina in Your Dreams

All my life I've been dreamin' of this minute.

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Rainy~The Looming Cloud of Flash Player

It wouldn't be February without the memories of unstable past relationships!

(Psst... make sure to View Post to get the full update)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Now go watch that Sonic movie. I know you're dying to.

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Some Video Classics for Valentine's Day

No reason to be emo if you keep your Valentine's minimalist!

More after the jump!

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Meta: New Site Feedback, Reports, Errors, etc

If you are experiencing any issues with the website, anything at all, please let me know so I can pass the feedback along to the web developer. If there's any additions you'd like to see or any enhancements to make, now's the time to let me know. While you're here, use the comments section below to post about all related issues/queries/thoughts/etc. You can also contact me via email or most (some?) of the social tabs in the sidebar.

I would need to have all this info gathered within two weeks, roughly, so let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

PS: I know the search function is currently down. I will update when it is working again.

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Year 14, Let's Go!

A new website deserves some new art! And it's nice to finally be able to show new art on Aqua Bunny once again! These come from Nidozard and MegamanNick in celebration of Aqua Bunny's last 13 years online. If you have some artwork or anything Nido/character series related to submit to the site, just use the new submit form, which should work much, much better than the old site's did. Also, you don't have to submit only characters that I've drawn. The spirit of Aqua Bunny has always been to put a bit of yourself into it, too, so if you have characters, you can submit them here, too. Just take a look at the many other artists in the gallery.

Let me take a short moment to talk about the new gallery, too. The gallery landing page will show all the latest artwork posted (albeit right now it's going to be a little weird because I still have to fill in missing galleries, so anything earlier than the month of December is going to change a lot), so if you've missed something on the home page, check out the gallery page!

Finally, tags. At last! You can use them to find related works or authors quickly. If you've submitted something to Aqua Bunny in the past but are otherwise unlisted (see Unlisted Artist tag), please let me know and I'll give you a proper tag for your work. The search function at the top navigation bar is still a WIP, but you can ctrl+F tags for the time being (or whatever that is for a Mac).

That's it for artwork. Keep in mind, if you submit to a gallery that's currently unavailable, the artwork will be held until the gallery has fully migrated onto this site. Don't let that stop you from sending anything in, though. I'd love to see your work, and I'm sure many others would, too!

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Aqua Bunny 3.0 is Finally Here

Aqua Bunny v.3 is finally live! Oh yeah!

It's also still incomplete! Oh no!

There's still a lot to transfer over, and it'll take a lot more time to migrate everything over onto this new site. However, with updates being a lot easier to do on this website, not only can I do them more often instead of every (other) weekend (or... once a month), but I will also post when something is being worked on or has been transferred over. It may provide an opportunity to see things that you may have missed on the old site, especially considering all the issues with navigation people have been telling me about over the last few years. You may see something you haven't noticed before!

For everyone who wants to view something that's not on the current version of Aqua Bunny, or if you're feeling nostalgic for 2009, you can go back to the previous site by clicking on the icon in the social sidebar to the right.

Keep in mind that the old version of Aqua Bunny will no longer be updated.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and I hope the new Aqua Bunny will make the experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone! Thanks for your support as well.

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