Aqua Bunny 3.0 is Finally Here

Aqua Bunny v.3 is finally live! Oh yeah!

It's also still incomplete! Oh no!

There's still a lot to transfer over, and it'll take a lot more time to migrate everything over onto this new site. However, with updates being a lot easier to do on this website, not only can I do them more often instead of every (other) weekend (or... once a month), but I will also post when something is being worked on or has been transferred over. It may provide an opportunity to see things that you may have missed on the old site, especially considering all the issues with navigation people have been telling me about over the last few years. You may see something you haven't noticed before!

For everyone who wants to view something that's not on the current version of Aqua Bunny, or if you're feeling nostalgic for 2009, you can go back to the previous site by clicking on the icon in the social sidebar to the right.

Keep in mind that the old version of Aqua Bunny will no longer be updated.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and I hope the new Aqua Bunny will make the experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone! Thanks for your support as well.

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Aqua Bunny Turns 14, No One Here to See It

It's only fitting that the first official post for the new website be the day the site launched in the first place. Symbolic to none, however, considering you can't read this post as it's being posted.

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