February's Looking a Lot More Pink This Year

Hope Miltank Kobayashi's your favorite character... :v

Seeing as there's two relevant holidays this month, I decided to get the jump on them. Today is Chinese New Year, and in 2021, it's the year of the Ox. Of course, we'll have to settle for Miltank. A phrase she'd love to hear coming outta Kine's mouth I'm sure.

Two days from now is Valentine's Day, and this time I'm more than ready for it. "A group pic? That sure takes a lot of time!" Yes. Yes indeed it does. Who do you love the most?

Obviously this has all been added to the fan art gallery. As for general updates, that's hopefully coming soon. I've just got a new widget made for the comics, which is what I was waiting for. I have yet to dive into how to use it, but once I get it all sorted, I'll update with some new content.

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