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Maybe Nidorinos in General Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do Anything

How many people have been biten in the arse because of some photo and an internet connection? Too darn many. Originally it was going to be another AU comic, except Nini wouldn't take suggestive photos of herself. Nidorina's a different case, but then again she's married.

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I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

It's interesting to me to think that this picture would eventually inspire an animated version seven years later, but here it is, the original catalyst!

I know this is Sinatra's song, but I had the Billie Holiday version in mind. Why do I always think of Nidorina whenever I think of anything from an older era? Must be all those classic movies I watch. You know, the black and white movies were "men were men and women were women". Then again, she's the only Nido actress I have, not that that means a whole lot. Well, like any old song, this is one of my favorites. Well, anything sung by a crooner or jazz singer is pretty good, in my opinion. But, I also like Christmas music too. It's my favorite time of the year for the warm fuzzies.

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