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Maybe Nidorinos in General Shouldn't Be Allowed to Do Anything

How many people have been biten in the arse because of some photo and an internet connection? Too darn many. Originally it was going to be another AU comic, except Nini wouldn't take suggestive photos of herself. Nidorina's a different case, but then again she's married.

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Daily Grind

Nidorino works at a large business firm in Metroise, the major city of Poke Island. He always does his best to support his family.

The Dodrio, whose name I still haven't checked up on since I last posted this, is Nidorino's secretary. Yes, she has wings. The Pokedex says they have them, and I assume they never use them because they're tiny. They probably also blend in with the rest of the "fluff".

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