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Butterfree's Christmas Wish

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Achikochi n' Tachiguy

A perfectly mated pair. Achikochi the silvery coated Nidorina, and Tachiguy the blue eyed Furret, sharing a bit of a cuddle under a flowering tree. Enjoying a little spring time sun and each others company.

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The invite for Mistie's and my own wedding, sans text. It was quite amusing to field questions from the younger guests as to why we had Pokemon on our wedding invite, and then to field questions from our older guests asking why we had cartoon animals on our wedding invite and what they were meant to be!

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Achi-Tachi Family

Here is possibly the happiest moment of Achi and Tachi's lives. The hatching of their first litter! The kits seem to have taken mostly after their dad's side of the family.

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Gift For Mr. and Mrs. Newman

What awaits Achi and Tachi in the future? Will their dreams ever be realized?

The description of the picture is assuming it's based somewhere in the middle of the story, or THEIR story. The title is formal, but definately out of respect, as I hold Lake Eerie to a high regard, afterall, it's probably the earliest successful Nido supportive site, plus both Mr. and Mrs. Newman are very nice, which caught me off guard. Admittingly, I do wonder who was conceived first, Nidorina of Poke Tales or Achikochi (because I'm a nut who wants to know unimportant things like who's the "mother of all Nidorina characters"). I'm not counting Agnes, for what it's worth.

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