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Alternate Universe: We Still Love You, Nidorino ~ Pages 21 - 29

On the first (2006) iteration of the Aqua Bunny website, this page was marked as the start of a new segment. You should be able to tell because it no longer focuses on forums (for the most part), and Nidorino becomes more of a character and less of a mouthpiece (until it relates to the internet again). His whole personality just kinda changes.

That said, this portion still has more "forum experience" comics that are hard to follow (even for me, and I wrote them... so long ago that the context is starting to fade), so you can skip ahead to pages 30 and on if you don't feel like being confused. Otherwise...

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Network Censors

Nidoqueen and her friend Rachael are chatting it up when the network censors decide to interfere. This is a remake of an obviously non-canonical Poke Legends strip.

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Network Censors 2

The second one, and yes, PETA WOULD be appalled. Apparently, dressing animals up like this is against their rights. Probably.

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Clean Town

This is perfectly in line with a Poke Tales short. I'm also quite proud of Nidorina's matronly anime look. She looks huggably adorable, if not a little too wide canonically.

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Butterfree's Christmas Wish

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Summer Training

On an alternate-alternate dimention (so I don't interfere on the original alternate story. x3) Nido-san, Nidorino, Bellsprout an Dorian decided that training could be fun, so they started water-gun fight... just don't ask where did Dorian got the Water Tank.. I had NOTHING to do with it...

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