Nidoran Returns the Animated Spotlight for the First Time in 21 Years, Ends Up Being a Monkey's Paw

Well, this was unexpected, but certainly welcome (even if begrudgingly, I'll get to that)! The first Nidoran centric animation since Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon, as far as I can tell. I’d argue Nido-overall since in the rest, they were footnotes, including The Heartbreak of Brock.

Anyway, it’s entirely in Japanese, but the story’s easy to follow, very cute, and wonderfully animated. Pokemon fans and Nido fans’ll enjoy, or at the least appreciate it. If you’ve got some free time, give it a watch and the vid another view so that maybe Game Freak will consider that perhaps the Nido line has some value.

My feelings on it, which’ll definitely differ from 99.9% of everyone else, is that considering I don’t really like the Pokemon franchise enough anyway, when all I care about is the monsters at best, I feel kinda salty on how expressive everything other than the Pokemon are. And for Nidoran I’d argue it’s worse than "Wherefore", at least both Nidoran were allowed to emote at all back then. Aside from a Charizard's old-and-tired face, the mandates are in such strict effect that I can’t get invested, especially since I’ve long stopped caring about Pokemon trainers (as a comic like Dumb Big Sister would prove). The story and the girl are adorable and well animated, but I just don’t relate to doing the trainer shtick anymore and haven’t for years. However, to its credit, it IS a Nido centric animation, so I still have to give it its due there if nothing else.

There's one other thing I'd like to note that I do really appreciate. If you've read Dumb Big Sister, namely the comic TRAINER, you'll pick up on the fact that I have some ethical concerns over the idea of a human ripping a Pokemon away from their family members just so they can win a trophy. Fabulous priorities. The anime largely surpasses this and has for years by showing that its typically the Pokemon's choice in the matter, which is different from the games (and I suppose has to be, gameplay and story segregation and all that, but it leaves way too much up to interpretation, and statistically speaking, most captured Pokemon probably ARE abducted if you get right down to just plain stating what it is). However, I've never seen family members OF that Pokemon give consent to let their own kin go off on their own, up until this short, and that I fully appreciate. Maybe it's happened before, but to me it feels like breaking some new ground, and I'm so much more okay with it being this way. "It's a video game, you're overthinking it", sure, but it's also a series full of sapient creatures, so I can't help but have reservations about the conceit of the entire franchise...

Those are my thoughts about it. I suppose this comes with being hyper fixated on a Pokemon line, I’m surely missing the forest for the trees, here. Then again, TPC’s net worth proves they aren’t missing my not being all that invested, so I feel like it’s pretty much mutual.

Anyway, speaking of comics, still working away on She's One of a Kind, Kine, I haven't abandoned ye!

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Mother's Day and More Photos

As long as I have cartoon Pokemoms, the mother's day streak continues. I wish I had more time than I do, because maybe then this site would be 100% up to speed, but with the time that I DID have, aside from this rare art of Mama and Baby Horsea, I also finished off the Plushies gallery in Photos, as well as added the Cards gallery and bringing that one to present. The Photos sidebar is a bit weird at the moment, but I'll have it fixed.

The next update should be more interesting as it'll head back into comics territory. Until then!

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The New Comics Page, Re-Mixed Nuts, and One Dancing Nut

Everywhere she goes, she's always there.

This is a fairly substantial update, so more info after the break.

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Not One to Deny an Opportunity When They See One, Krispy Kreme Sells Space Donuts

In other news the Perseverance rover lands on Mars today. Working quickly I made this gif, which wasn't as long as I wanted it to be, but I only have as much time as everyone else does to buy a donut. Yay! And yes I bought some myself. Who says marketing doesn't work?

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February's Looking a Lot More Pink This Year

Hope Miltank Kobayashi's your favorite character... :v

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The General 2020 Winter Holiday Post

Had a really busy month this year, so this is coming in a bit late. What's been added?

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Aqua Bunny Turns 15, and Even More Entertainment

Aqua Bunny is now 15 years old. At this point you have to wonder "what in the world does a relic like this still exist for", and this update'll show you just why! More after the break.

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Aqua Bunny Returns with Plenty of Fruits of Labor

12/5 Update:

Fixed version of Rhythmic Pop'n 3 Button Demo uploaded and the rar has been replaced on the respective page. I also double checked on other hardware this time, it should be good to go!

12/4 Original Post:

After months of... issues and a little bit of panic, as well as a site that wasn't working entirely the way it should be, I finally have control of Aqua Bunny back, and with the site running on new, overhauled backend software, content that had to be held back can finally be posted. To prove that I wasn't sitting on my butt the whole time this year, there's a lot of work on display here. Let's get into it!

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Some Kind of Father Based Wordplay

Not much to say aside from "Happy father's day". That and I've started adding stuff to the Photo gallery. It's not much and I'm too tired to to really go all in on an upload spree this weekend, but it's better than "coming soon" or whatever it said. :P Have a good one, at any rate!

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She's One Dumb Big Sister: Adding more content and topping off others

Some quick announcements that aren't worth belaboring. First of all, the fan art gallery is completely restored, which means I can now add new content to any of the available categories. Alternate Universe was the last of these, so now you can view the fan art of Nini, Didi, Pixie, Sentret, Charlotte and everyone else hassle free.

Secondly, Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister: Production Set 2 has been added to the comics page in its entirety, making both DBS sets available on Aqua Bunny 3. If you haven't checked out the Dumb Big Sister comics, I highly encourage it, as these are probably the most charming stories about family that you'll ever find on the site.

Finally, to round out this three course meal of Nini and the Alternate Universe series, a healthy portion of She's One of a Kind, Kine has finally been added to the comics section as well, but most importantly, exclusive to Aqua Bunny 3 are larger exports of the comic pages, so now you should have no trouble reading them. If you're going to read any AU collection, I would recommend starting here. Or ONLY reading this one. SOOAKK, the DBS comics, and the relatively recent Fan Shorts from the 2010s up are much easier to get into and better realized in humor than the rest, in my opinion.  

I'll continue to restore parts of the site and the SOOAKK comics when I have more time, but for now, please enjoy!

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