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Tooth Fairy

This one is weird because Nidorina's out of character in a different way. If this were based on early Poke Tales, when Nidorina was snappier and defensive, then this comic could work. However, Totodile appeared in Legends, and Nidorina mellowed out by this time, realizing the world wasn't out to get her. Her treatment of Psy seems more like early Tales Nidorina, so while it's not beyond the scope of her behavior, it feels like a regression here. Anyway, the point is that what Nidorina's willing to do for her son's childhood and prolonging that innocence is something she would totally do in any era.

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Long Pounce

Nidorino should be used to this by now, you would think.

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Butterfree's Christmas Wish

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Peaceful day with Wartortle, Nidorina, and Butterfree.

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Exploring Mt. Moon

The Pokémon Yellow adventure continues as our intrepid party makes their way through Mt. Moon. Felix the Cat-erpie has evolved into a Butterfree, thus ruining his name pun but making him far more useful. Mowmow's gotten stronger as well, and her Double Kick attack allowed her to nearly defeat Brock single-handedly. Lemon's still a bit sour about being forced into a Pokémon Trainer's custody... and he doesn't seem to like Paras very much.

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31 Days of Pokemon - December 2013

MUCH larger version here.

Created for a Tumblr marathon known as POKEDDEXY. The point was to draw each of your favorite Pokemon of each type, and then some as you'll see down the line. I didn't actually finish it until January, 2014, due to a late start, other obligations, and the fact that a portion of the art actually has some thought in it rather than really fast doodles. Well, of course I was gonna want to use them later, might as well make them at least half-presentable. This picture was created in the style of Pop'n Music/Rhythmic Pop'n.

Patterns from webtreats ETC. Also, inspired by an official piece of PNM promo art, so there's some similarities.

I'm still taken aback by the fact that there's Pokemon beyond Generation III in this picture. Gosh, who'da thunk it? There's also a bit of cosplay for those of you who also revel in obscure Japanese fun n' games, and just for kicks, two extras decided to... Pop'n... for a cameo (who won't be pictured otherwise). :D Not ashamed of that, nope.

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December 1st - Butterfree

It's only fitting that this kicks off with Butterfree, probably one of the absolute earliest (reoccurring) characters in any Pokemon inclusive series I've had. Butterfree has also been my favorite Bug for the longest time, with Parasect closely behind. Butterfree gained the title of "Psychic Butterfree" from the Poke Forest denizens because of his immense power and apparent "Chosen One" status. He's been appointed as the guardian of Poke Forest by Lady Mew, meaning that there are other areas of Poke Island with their own guardians to keep order.

Butterfree is from Poke Island.

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We Love You, Mama

"The love that you've given to everyone, to the world we live in, shall not go unnoticed. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Happy Mother's Day."

Even fictional characters deserve appreciation, too.

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Easter Fools

Once I knew that these two holidays would fall on the same day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, with who, and during what timeline (The Dumb Big Sister timeline). I knew there'd be a bit of sacrilege, but coming from Nini, I think we can all forgive it. After all, she's only being herself. The only thing I didn't have hard set yet was the setting, but this seems to be great for maximum embarrassment.

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Spring 2019

The first day of spring may or may not look like this in your area.

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