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Welcome to Aqua Bunny, a fan shrine for the Nidoran family, starring Nidorina. This site is in English only.

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April 05, 2015

You know what happens when a widely recognized holiday occurs, right? Even Google didn't acknowledge it this year (I assume to avoid being offensive or something). Therefore, Aqua Bunny is better than Google. I want that written on my tombstone.

FAN ART: Holiday updated.


March 29, 2015

Months later, I add more pages to She's One of a Kind, Kine, and it looks like we enter into a mood shift. We're starting to finally get a look at the tournament for what it really is. Additionally, I'll make an effort not to leave you hanging for so long, but I'll show you what I'm up against in a moment...

FAN ART: I Like Rainbows, under Alternate Universe has a shorter version which'll hopefully load quicker (edit-- not much).
COMICS: She's One of a Kind, Kine updated.

Of course, if you want to get a peek at what I've been doing in lieu of the comic, I've pulled the curtain back a bit on this Tumblr post. Think it should remain priority one, or would you rather get this comic moving at a quicker rate? Let me know.

Also, here's another Tumblr post from last week that you might be interested in. Get in on it.


March 15, 2015

"You sure don't update enough, Patrick". That's because you don't send me stuff to update with. :P But these people did! And no one actually said that, either, I'm just being preemptive. But let's talk more about the fan art submitted to the website. I always want to thank you guys for participating in some way, even if some of it was incentivized, because it keeps the site alive while I do the best I can elsewhere. And it just makes the environment more fun. You can't always want to see what I'm doing all the time, can you?

FAN ART: Nidorina and Alternate Universe updated. One of these is animated, too. (edit-- animated art takes a while to load. Will create a shorter version later on, and have the "full image" be the longer cut)

In an effort to make up for the downtime, I've utilized Tumblr over the past week and a half to do an, at this time, exclusive mini series. I'll need to go back and tag/name links appropriately (I did it on the fly), but click here, and then search for "dbssls" in the tags. If you're late to the party, check it out and enjoy! If you like it, let me know and the show will continue!


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