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Welcome to Aqua Bunny, a fan shrine for the Nidoran family, starring Nidorina. This site is in English only.

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June 21, 2015

Would you say your father is a comical guy? Because for Father's Day, there's all kinds of comics to look at. The tradition of Father's Day holiday comics continues, and I hope the last pages of She's One of A Kind are fresh in your memory, because we're keeping that momentum going as we find out just what our collective bunch of nitwits have decided upon. Once you're done here, the fatherly comics continue over on TABADG with a timely Dumb Big Sister comic! Click that text to check it!

FAN ART: Alternate Universe and Holiday updated.
COMICS: She's One of a Kind, Kine updated.

My hand needs one heck of a vacation. Until next time!


June 16, 2015

A strange day to update, but not as strange as the goings on in the Kaibutsu Underground. The truth has finally come out, but what choices will our friends in the AU space make? Speaking of AU, we have some lovely fan art of fan favorite, Nidorina! You know exactly who I mean, don't pretend like you're confused. :P Check out these cool interpretations!

FAN ART: Alternate Universe updated.
COMICS: She's One of a Kind, Kine updated with pages. With an 's'.

Thanks for the fan art, guys! If anyone else is feeling inspired to draw some colorful cast members, send it this way! Or even art of regular Nidos, that really helps the site flourish. Next update is Father's Day, so see you then.


May 31, 2015

Last day of May, we can give this month a motherly send off with some comics and fan art (all of which you've seen if you've been on Tumblr, but perserved here for posterity, and for those who don't bother with Tumblring about).

FAN ART: Nidoran Female and Nidorina updated.
COMICS: Shorts updated.

The plan is to have at least a page of the comic done for the next update, but I really want to finish my animation sooner than later because I already have to move on to the Christmas short (which I began last year). Fortunately that one's theorically easier, and it'd be nice if I could get two done in a year. On the other hand, I really want to get SOOAKK done before the Christmas animation, too. The current story is such a painful roadblock. Once it's done, it's just fun with characters from here out, and no more forced drawings of Pokemon battles.

Also, I'll be selling Nintendo buttons again, with new updated designs and characters. More details on that as it comes.



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