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Welcome to Aqua Bunny, a fan shrine for the Nidoran family, starring Nidorina. This site is in English only.

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March 30, 2014

This update includes both examples of stuff I have to do and examples of stuff I'd rather be doing.

ARTICLES: Nido Family Spritedex updated with Generation I and some more extras, including Trozei! and Battle Trozei! They're the same weird sprites in higher definition. And no one was surprised, which is unfortunate considering even Bulbasaur got a makeover (coming off of XY, though, my expectations were a teensy bit higher...).
UNION: Added two 88 x 31 banners.
FAN ART: Nidorina updated.
MULTIMEDIA: Flopsy added to Animated Gifs. I still need to reorganize this section, which'll likely happen once the next short is actually finished (lol), but Flopsy provides a taste of future 50's inspired animations.

March 03, 2014

In this update are things I've could've done earlier but didn't because I don't know.

ARTICLES: Nido Family Spritedex added. Incomplete, I'll work on it from time to time. Also, Nido Family Pokedex now uses X/Y models.
MULTIMEDIA: X/Y Nido cries added under Sounds. Ever wanted to hear Nidorina grumble, Nidorino giggle like a girl or the saddest whimper a crestfallen Nidoking can muster? Well, now you can.


February 16, 2014

Stinger time! So just how does Chikorita's story conclude? Does she learn anything at all? Well, get your butt over to the COMICS section and find out, you'll hear no such answers from me. ¦P In other news, Aqua Bunny has another affliate! There's plenty of love to go around.

COMICS: She's One of a Kind, Kine updated.
UNION: Clash at the Summit added as an affliate. Go over there and say hi, will ya?


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