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Welcome to Aqua Bunny, a fan shrine for the Nidoran family, starring Nidorina. This site is in English only.

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October 20, 2016

It's getting close to the final run of Holidays for the year, and of course that means it's time for me to pick up the pace. Not that the pace has been slow, but it's certainly needs to be faster! Before we hit the first of those holidays, though, let's start with a more regular update.

FAN ART: Poke Island Series and Alternate Universe updated.
PHOTO: Other Games updated in probably the first time in years.
MULTIMEDIA: "Squishy Cheeks" added to Animated Gifs.
CHARACTERS/INFO: Pastel Poison gets another all-at-once blast update covering more of the Poke Island series, and a bit more on Aqua Bunny itself.


September 22, 2016

Autumn is here, and so is an update! And like the many leaves that will be falling off of trees soon enough, there are so many things all around you in today's update. You'll think you're on an Aqua Bunny scavenger hunt! Lets see what you can find:

UNION: Nidoran Pokefun's website address has been updated, and with a new banner, too!
FAN ART: Nidoqueen, Poke Island Series, Alternate Universe and Others all updated.
PHOTO: Paraphernalia updated with something I'm sure you've never seen before. Monthly Nidoran updated, too!
COMICS: Shorts and She's One of a Kind, Kine updated. The battle story is nearing the end! Happy days!
MULTIMEDIA: Four new gifs added to Animated Gifs.

Relax and have a look around at all that's new. Bigger and better things are still on the way, so stay tuned!


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