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Nidoqueen and Nidorina may be good friends, but their ideas of what constitutes as “fun” may clash every now and then...

“Y’know, when you said we’re going on an adventure, I was thinking of something more....exciting.”

“But my dear, reading is quite an exciting adventure! You can never guess what you will find in the books! And you can find so many of them at this club!!”

“Thanks, but I’ll stick to my trusty old phone right he--“*BATTERY LOW*---“...just wonderful.”

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The Amazing World of Eevee

Having been on a Gumball binge, I grew really fond of it’s cute-as-a-button intro sequence, so I figured I should draw everyone’s favorite Nido mama and her two “sons” referencing this part.

I’d totally watch this show.

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Carmela Easter Bunny

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Nido Christmas Kisses

Dangit, Bun-Bun, The rule of Christmas season is; if there ain't no mistletoe to kiss under, you simply do not kiss!

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Pokemon Square Christmas

Residents of Pokemon Square have been more than familiar with the human customs, the one that caught their interest the most being the event they seem to call "Christmas". Not just the story behind it, but how it's celebrated as well, sharing gifts, bringing people eventually, they decided they should celebrate it as well!

However, instead of celebrating birth of a messiah from legends and cutting down a random tree in the wild so that various decorations can be placed on it, residents of Pokemon Square would all gather around a randomly selected tree in the forest, decorate it and spend the night exchanging presents, dancing, singing, just spreading the holiday cheer to their fellow Pokemon, family and friends alike. For this one night there were no ill feelings or rivalries; everyone was unified in the spirit of the holiday.

As this was the first Christmas he would spend with Carmela, Ricky went to great lengths to make sure he picked a right present for her, despite her constantly insisting the greatest gift she could ever receive is his friendship.

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Valentine's Day 2015 - Ricky used Valentine's Day Present!!

Ricky felt he should show some appreciation for his short buddy; I'd have to guess she appreciated the flowers and a gift, but didn't expect his gesture afterwards. :P

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Valentine's Day 2015 - Sweets For a Sweetheart

Even the smallest of gifts can mean a lot to those you love!

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Beach Nido Babe

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A Lineup of Nido Ladies

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Beauty and the Champion

As the old saying goes, hard work and effort will help you make your dreams come true! And so did Ricky’s and Carmela’s dreams of fame and riches come true as well! …or is it all a fleeting dream, always just out of grasp?

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