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Clash! Pocket Monsters – Andy Schneider

Done in Paul Robertson's sprite style. This is an old design, btw...

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Mother's Day 2019

Does that include doting older sisters, too? Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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Clash! Pocket Monsters

This artwork is meant to go with the Paul Robertson-esque gifs on the gifs page. You can go stare at 'em all day long while looping Another Winter by Anamanaguchi. And as for this picture? Variable Cross from Marvel vs. Capcom is all I think of. And hey look, that Nidoran male over there is a really early version of Andy Schneider, one of Nidorina's younger brothers. He fits the style, but don't get too attached to this design. It's still in early draft form.

You know, I wouldn't mind an AU or an overall Creative Worlds/Aqua Bunny beat 'em up/platformer using this style. Could be awesome. The soundtrack needs to sound like DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu/Deathsmiles, or anything Manabu Namiki (and Kudo and Chiba) lays his (their) hands on. Oh God how I want him (them) to compose music for whatever games I make in the future...

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The Schneider Family

( i missed Nora ;-;)  Well, try as best as possible in this drawing, maybe I did not do my best in the background, but I liked it a lot :)

Well, i hope you like it. \(*w*)/

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