Strawberry Milk Fantastic

What do you get when what's essentially a Japanese tween, a little black girl and the product of mad science combine their imaginations with their love of music? No, the answer isn't Jem, wise guy. I'll tell you! It's not J-Pop, it's Strawberry Milk Fantastic, the band that's who's sugar sweet feel good music will spread across the cosmos and flow smoothly into your eardrums like honey! And maybe get stuck there, too.

I've been sitting on this idea for about 3, 4 years tops as of the time I finally illustrated it. Strawberry Milk Fantastic was going to cross universes, being a band between Charlotte and Lisa, but considering that Aqua Bunny had since opened up to include anything related to a series, I'm no longer forced to do Nidos for their own sake. Now it's self contained in one universe, although if SMF is recruiting, I'm sure I can bend the dimensions and include Lisa later on, considering she's twee enough to fit right in.