"Sentret's Nightmare" or "Household of Regret"

All of Kine's leading females were either taught or already knew at least Charm and Attract, except Charlotte, who only specializes in making things cease to exist. What's that you say? Little Vulpix too? Oh you better believe it (in her case, it's variations of the same move, but it's the youngsters you gotta look out for. They're the ones that specialize in using cute to game the system). As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, and I'm sure none of these upstanding citizens would dare abuse that power. Ok, so would you believe me if I said that only Nidoqueen's the responsible one? But I suppose you would tell me that was a given. The rest are manipulating their way in front of lines at the amusement park, and Charlotte is staring at everyone going around in the ferris wheel.