Alternate Universe: She's One of a Kind, Kine ~ Pages 45 - 65

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In universe, you can infer that Kine holds Nidoqueen to a high regard because she was apparently the Pokemon who was there for him in good times, sad times and tough times during the Johto trip. IRL, though, Nidoqueen really did get me through a lot of scrapes in Silver, and I probably raised her and Nidorina simultaneously. Nidoqueen I believe was the first Pokemon in the Hall fo Fame, a well deserved spot, and I always looked back on that with fondness, then and now (though it's probably more nostalgia at this point). So, the "real" Nidoqueen was indeed some sort of Superwoman as far as I was concerned.

I'll sort of explain the first strip. Most of the Pokemon I had in Silver (which were usually those found in these comics) were both female and had Attract. My friend had mostly male teams (and no Attract to counter). Seeing as Attract always meant instant victory for me (it's just the way it always went), Jared basically knew he was taking a chance whenever he saw that female symbol next to the Pokemon's name.

"Absorb" like a shock absorber. I don't need anyone getting Poke-move literal on me.

Hitmontop seems to do a lot more damage to the field.

Seeing as this is the last AU collection, unless I upload more original comics, DRJOE's predicament requires explaining. In both the AU series and the Poke Island series, things are a lot more realistic in terms of combat abilities (AU is fickle, though, in that a move will change from cartoonishly violent to realistically violent as the situation demands). Perish Song is essentially a death chant, and it drains the vitality out of the victim until the singer calls it off or the victim ceases to exist. A living creature dies, but the undead have a special kind of death where they vaporize into Pandemonium, a spirit realm where undead souls must spend their eternity. DRJOE almost lost Haunter this way to Kine's Lapras, but Ash Head stepped in and spread his signature G/S Disease, which means everything becomes 100% game literal (which has more adverse effects than benefits). This saved Haunter because it merely caused him to faint.

Hoist by his own petard. And have you ever seen a Nidoqueen with a bigger smile on her face? I mean, my God. Ms. Nakamura certainly makes up for all the grumpy generic Nidoqueen art I've done in the past.

Maybe I'm a sucker for aesops, and even though the structure of this story didn't really lend itself to one all too clearly (because it's minor compared to everything else in the story), I can't help but enjoy Kine's speech regarding what he, and by extension, Nidoqueen learned from each other over the past day or so. You can only hope that Nidoqueen will learn how to keep work and leisure separated, and to check her priorities.

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