National Hot Dog Day 2019

Happy hot dog day!

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Untitled Nini

Unspecific comment.

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Beds Are Made For Dancing

I don’t hear SLEEPING in there!!

I wanted to do something less “kawaii” and more kinetic and fun, so here I am, just like these two, still awake long past the point where I should be.


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Nidorina Chimes In

Started from the latest stream, finally completed today. Another outfit Nini put together herself to make it look like she has the Bell Ability. However, unless she’s utilizing some sound based TMs or learned moves (Supersonic, perhaps?), at best all she can do is annoy enemies to death.

Let’s be honest, she was doing that anyway.

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Giselle Doodles

Sometimes, stuff just gets drawn.

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Mermaid Nidorina

All I remember of this one is that it was asked for on the All Stars Tumblr. Nothing else to say, really.

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Free Spirit Shockette

I love this yellow valley girl so much.

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Chibi Costumed Nidorina

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Mother's Day 2021

Figuring everyone would be as tired of the same old Nidos as I was for drawing them this holiday, I decided to do a deeper pull and used Mama and Baby Horsea instead. Went for the old Pokemon Blue Sugimori art style, here, looks pretty nice, ngl.

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Space Donut

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars on Feburary 18, 2021 and Krispy Kreme decided to make a donut for that single day. It was gonna be a lot longer and sillier but I only have a day to do it and I didn't plan this ahead of time.

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