Fan Art

Little Miss Maple

Vulpix’s favorite food is waffles, and I figured that’d make a good drawing. Despite being rather young, she also knows how to make them herself. Today, she’ll be cooking for everyone!

I drew this as a way to test doing a draw stream. I didn't pass out during it so I suppose it wasn't as bad as all that.

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Purple Gem Cosplay

Didi combines her love of Steven Universe with her love of hot pants. Together at last!

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Seeing Bow Kid was the highlight of my day. I’m really excited about this character! Well I guess we know who Vulpix will be cosplaying as this year, she’s excited too.

Additionally, A Hat in Time is coming to Switch, which means I can finally play it (my computers always turn into garbage). There’s so many games coming out for the Switch that I actually want that it makes up for me not bothering with the Wii U.

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The Last Remaining Hot Dog (National Hot Dog Day 2018)

These get weirder every year. Happy National Hot Dog Day. :P

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Gross Garbage

Forgot what this did, but the imagery I got out of it matched the character all too well.

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Jiggling Balloon

This scrapped item protected against Normal type attacks. I assume it worked something like this. The name is quite funny, though, but I already used my breasts joke on Ice Bikini.

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Ice Bikini

An early beta for Pokemon Gold and Silver has been found, and in it was a bunch of Pokemon that never got used and no one cares about. The real magic was in the items! The cream of the crop was Ice Bikini, an item that nonsensically protects you from ice attacks. Yes, because that's generally what a bikini does.

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Thicc Mama's Third Child

Oni already shows the Schneider-side freckles compared to her older sisters, where you'd have to get up in their face to notice. Here, though, she'd have a lot more of them showing, with the usual pattern standing out moreso.

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Thicc Mama's Second Child

Same goes for Didi.

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Thicc Mama's First Child

If Nidorina looked much more genetically similar to her parents, she'd probably look a lot like this.

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