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Red Nose Day 2016

Kind of like Oh! Americanism in that I don't want to post this to holiday, but this picture was made for Red Nose Day! A dollar goes a long way to help a child in need!

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Sandy Butt WIP

I don't know if I'd call Nidoran Schneider the Second socially awkward, but she certainly lacks self awareness. Maybe that's why Nidorina can handle Charlotte with such ease, she's essentially Didi who can't verbalize her thoughts, though if she could they'd make less sense because Charlotte is essentially alien and a newborn. Nidorina's non reaction is also my favorite part about this; for Nidoran Schneider the First, this is just to be expected. Afterall, Didi did choose to wear or even own a multitude of short shorts. I'm sure one comes in the loud rainbow variety. I'd guess Dee's to rainbows what Charlotte is to plasma balls, they seem to be some kind of stimulant. Finally, no, Nidorina does NOT know how to play keyboard. This is probably something she saw someone on the internet do, so she's trying it out for about a week before she gets bored and moves on, no doubt.

Still in experiment phase, I promised an update, so I decided to post what I have so far. This one's a combination of "lessons". Still a lot more to do, blending, softening, adding lots of details, the background, maybe redoing the sky, appropriate speech implementation... I left the sketch up on this one overlayed just so you can see a bit of where I was coming from. I sketched out the characters about three times to make sure they looked at their most appealing (granted, the first was pure placement).

There's so much to talk about for this one. This is inspired by the Lake Shore Drive area in Chicago, location wise, and from the Girl's Day Mixed Nuts photo comic, my favorite of those, as I always love an amusing female cast. I'm not sure what the actual setting is for this picture, Didi lives with her family on Earth so perhaps it's just some vague city side coast, but it's not too late to Popstar it up and make things more celestial. Not as if these pictures are canon, anyway. Heck, that's why I make fan art myself. Doing the stuff I can't do in the comics. The finished version may also include more of the same Mixed Nuts girls in the background, not sure on that yet, but I really want to if they add to the pic and not take away from.

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For those days where you're just feeling... blah. School, work, doing something meaningful, doing something pointless, you just can't bring it. This started as an announcement doodle that was merely in black and white, but after drawing it I couldn't stop coming back to it just to look at it. There's was something about it that held an appeal for me, I dunno if it was the straight out of bed sort of overall look everyone has or the faces (I love whatever's going on with Nidorina's mouth), or the sort of childishness behind it all that kind of shows that sometimes, even when you're an adult (typically a younger one), you're not all that removed from the way you were as a child.

Anyway, I've wanted to finish this picture ever since and my first iteration of linelessness was pretty bad. But this being the time of experimentation, I found a tutorial that seemed worth trying on something, and I felt this was it! So I redrew the lineart to be less wonky and in a larger scale, but still kept the doodle nature of it intact. This one turned out real vibrant and pretty. Would use this technique again. Didi would be proud of my use of colors. Or would get hype off them. I'm not sure.

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Shopping Spree

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Inspired by the previous XEXEX picture by DynamiteManEXE, I decided to go full on Cave here. I'll let you figure out the references. If you can't, Google things like "Cave bug girl" or, I'll give you this one, "Esprade". Or even "Cave shooting games" because I'll guarantee you'll find them all that way. Long story short, I love this company. It's a shame it had to go the way of "we're just doing mobile in Japan now". The games aren't even made by the same staff so all the post Saidaioujou efforts feel — unsurprisingly — devoid of magic.

All that said, Cave? I recommend. Or rather, I reco-mmend, right? And if nothing else, just listen to some of the soundtracks from these games, especially anything Manabu Namiki is attached to. This is the style of music I must have in my (larger effort) original games.

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Savin' E-Square!

Feelin' that Breeze on your back?

Enterin' With Zero G

There, the path's Crystal Clear:

Proceedin' with the Polygontal Energy,

Give 'em all a Happy Daymare!

So Go For Broke with that Black Eight Ball,

And go rescue My Kutie Pie, Irene

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I Hooked a Chubby Cheeked Didi

There’s nothing weird about being you, just be yourself, you’ll live a much longer, happier life. Now, I wonder how they made this trick work…

I love working with the Schneider sisters. They’re always into doing something fun, and maybe a little bit weird to add a little spice to someone’s otherwise routine day. But they’re also really positive people (or Nidos, or whatever), which affects those around them. Love breeds love, you know.

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The lazy half-baked sequel no one was asking for, but you got anyway.

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It's Patrick d.'s Nidorina character from his AU comic :V

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Patrick d. makes some pretty cool nidos, so I sketched one of them. Deal with it

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