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Behind story of my last pic 'Kirin the Nidorina' They were my Pokemon members a long time ago. '-'

Now I have Pokemon Pearl, I got Nidoran but it's really hard to get Squirtle. ;~;

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Peaceful day with Wartortle, Nidorina, and Butterfree.

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A Bother

A picture of Reislet the Wartortle and Kirin the Nidorina I drew for Kinik. All his pics are cute and/or awesome, and being a really nice guy made this all the more deserving.

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Someday I'll Become a Hero!

Yes, it's daydreaming. Holding shiny sword, and strong shield... like Link, maybe.

Well, I'm drawing anything these days... :(

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After Viewing AU

In this picture, I draw Nidorino as cutest as I could. 'v' he he.

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T...this is not my fault! Blame Game Freak...

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