"Nidorino's just been so... distant, lately. He's working later, is always on edge around me, and he just seems to get upset whenever I want to do anything with him. I don't understand. Could it be that he still resents me? Is it the stress of having a family? It couldn't be possible that he might even be... seeing another? It breaks my heart to see him this way. Oh... I wish you'd tell me. I'd do anything for you, please, just tell me."

The Poke Island series was a pretty heavy series compared to my usual belief in the nonsense of cartoons and rejection of seriousness. Marriages on TV can be one note, whether they are always great or bitter. I wanted to make this one as real as possible, and real marriages have problems. It's all a part of the series emphasis on character development. I couldn't find this family as endearing as I do if they were plastic.