It appears that these days, "The Big Three" have become "The Big Six", and I'll most likely cap it here. Nevertheless, Aqua Bunny wouldn't be half as interesting without the contributions of these characters in whatever entertainment medium they best reside in (and what they've inspired in other fans to create for themselves). In fact, I wouldn't run this site (STILL) if it was purely a site for Pocket-men facts and figures. I have a lot of fun with these Nidorina, but that's no slight towards the other family members (the everyman Nidorino, the other loafer Nidorino, and Ms. Nakamura, a pleasant but busy bee of a Nidoqueen to name a few). In appreciation of these characters, here's a bright, candy colored pic for you, full of happy smiling Nidorina (Charlotte's not unhappy...)

Which one is your favorite?