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Stay Cool

When a cool drink becomes your savior and the spot right in front of the electric fan becomes your sanctuary. When escape is just a frozen treat away, to desperately to beat the heat. You know, this is Summer.

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10,000 Hits

This is actually rather unnerving. You know what they say about rabbit fertility, but these are some kind of freaky poisonous mutant creatures.

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Aqua Bunny: 7th Year Anniversary

On December 13, 2013, Aqua Bunny lasted a whole seven years. And I'm feeling content. That's the minimum that anyone could ask for, really. Based on last years feedback and my need to take some action, there's at least been more basic Nido fanart with some effort attached to it. Lisa saw more action as a character, too. Possibly more than she's ever had since the Wii gif. Pokemon X and Y also released this year, which has resparked a slight interest in the series again. I wouldn't've stopped illustrating my favorite Pokemon either way, and I still prefer characters to blank-slate wild Pokemon, but now I have some new favorites, and new content will be coming next year because of this game, such as new articles for starters. Nidos may not have received Mega Evolutions, but whatever we did get, we should be grateful for!

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Nidoran Male Chibi Doll

This picture was very timely. A day after Crane Crazy was first completed, there was a Poke Doll contest at an oekaki. So, I entered with a Chibi-Chibi Nidoran Male doll. You know, when it really comes down to it, it's hard to dechipher who is cuter, the male or female Nidoran.

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A Nidorina Too Many

Here it is, the infamous 12 Nidorina picture. These are Nidorina characters I have made over the years, though not necessarily up to date. That said, a portion of these characters are abandoned or irrelevant, now, but I do remember when this picture came up first in Google image searches. Ah, the late aughts. How good to me you were. Only 6 of these characters are of any importance anymore, and that gets reflected later in the Nido Plus artwork that'll come many years later.

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A Nidorina Too Many... Again.

Why draw one way when you can draw twelve ways? Even then, I could've chose some different options, but I character matched it a bit, though. Since I left the following information off of the original pic, I'll add the creation dates to this one.

In order of appearance:

  • 1999 - Agnes (Poke Island), "Mrs." Nidorina (Poke Tales)

  • 2001 - Nidorina "Nini" Schneider, Charlotte (Poppistar/Alternate Universe)

  • 2002 - Miranda (no series)

  • 2004 - Nidozilla (originally none. Later, Other Alternate Universe)

  • 2005 - Riri (Chibi's Corner), Reilina (Other Alternate Universe), Mandie (unused Pokemon college character)

  • 2006 - Chibi-Chibi (representative), Carmela (Carmela: ¡Alcance Las Estrellas!), Lisa (Diary of Lisa Berkley).

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It appears that these days, "The Big Three" have become "The Big Six", and I'll most likely cap it here. Nevertheless, Aqua Bunny wouldn't be half as interesting without the contributions of these characters in whatever entertainment medium they best reside in (and what they've inspired in other fans to create for themselves). In fact, I wouldn't run this site (STILL) if it was purely a site for Pocket-men facts and figures. I have a lot of fun with these Nidorina, but that's no slight towards the other family members (the everyman Nidorino, the other loafer Nidorino, and Ms. Nakamura, a pleasant but busy bee of a Nidoqueen to name a few). In appreciation of these characters, here's a bright, candy colored pic for you, full of happy smiling Nidorina (Charlotte's not unhappy...)

Which one is your favorite?

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NIDO Plus (Full Size ver.)

The original image is the "legit" version, which looks similar to a CD insert (like Love and Peace). However, in order to crop it at that size, I had to work from a larger source. Here's what it looks like before the editing phase. You may even prefer the fullness of this one instead!

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Six in Shadow

Making sure the character designs are still all different. Chibi-Chibi looks unintentionally terrifying.

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Chibi's Bubble Fever

I drew this picture of Chibi-chibi on my phone 'til my hand cramped, because I love her to bits.

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