December 17th - Mona

It's pretty funny that long after I grew out of the Kirlia-Mawile shtick from the early Creative Worlds era that my favorite Psychic and Steel types would still be Kirlia and Mawile. Admittedly, they're hard to top in terms of cuteness and design accessibility and familiarity (Kirlia is simpler than Gardevoir, but is more identifiable as humanlike than Ralts). I'm not even sure Mawile as a species have many rivals in the world of cute Steel types. I guess that's why adding Fairy as a secondary type just made sense, because it was sort of the outlier

The less said about Mona, the better. As I've written before, Mona isn't a Pokemon, she's a doggone experience. She'll fill your life with excitement, but that's usually followed by regret and/or remorse... and possibly a lot of apologizing.

Mona is from Chibi's Corner.